UP Scholarship Form 2018 – Pre Matric Post Matric Fresh/Renewal Forms

UP Scholarship Form 

UP Scholarship Form 2018

Is the Talent of yours not being nurtured? Reason for this is highly likely to be that you seem to be putting your efforts in the wrong direction. Are you geared up to let your freak flag fly i.e. show your talent to the Indian habitants by befitting from this UP Scholarship Form 2018? Had you filled the online form by seeking assistant/guidance from our highly professional team earlier? If affirmative, it would have been a great experience for you because. Ever wondered why this comprehensive editorial requires the attention of yours? It is because we don’t want you to go astray and feel the things getting out of hand and therefore decided to bring this article, which is about UP Scholarship Pre/Post Matric Online Form 2018. Is something making you feel nervous? Don’t let your dreams collapse for the reason that we’re here to guide you zealously. Other questions might have been residing in your mind pertaining to this UP Chhatravritti 2018 that can divert your way from the right path to the wrong one; rather you’re supposed to reach the right destination. You’ll be wonderstruck and leave all worries behind when you come up with the fact this page not only covers the UP Scholarship Online Registration 2018 for Fresh but also for New/Renewal of forms. What if someone (might be a hater, not appreciator) comes and tells you that you should not fill this form just because he/she is kind of jealous of your space-age success. In this situation, you don’t have to pay any heed to them; rather just dig in your heels and hold your ground.

UP Scholarship Form 2018: Yet Not Activated

The services of Social Welfare Department, Uttar Pradesh is beyond compare. Why are we saying this? Well, don’t react like you don’t know – it is because lakhs of students get to study and approach the fulfilment of their sweet dreams by turning them into reality. Long gone will be the days if you take your time and think about the deadlines for filling out forms i.e. UP Pre/Post Matric Scholarship Form 2018 last date and know how many degrees/certifications are made perquisites in the “Eligibility Criteria”. Even if the circumstances make you feel like you’re the only survivor – the lone survivor, you don’t have to drop faith in yourself. Your life may be demanding lots of things, but it all gets achieved as the time passes as you are not a living in your dreams – this is reality. Dreaming about your passion is really awesome, but taking their “achievement” into account, it seems a bit harder because competition is gone “stiff”.

UP Scholarship Form 2018: Last Date (Explained)

How do you think you will beat the clock? Even though past days have been a BIG nightmare of your entire life, this can be brought to an end if you put your efforts in the right direction without letting them be in vain. SWDUP offers UP Scholarship Form 2018 to many deserving candidates who are currently pursuing Prematric (Class 9th & 10th), Postmatric (Class 11th to 12th) and Postmatric other than 11th/12th class. Some institutions that fail to meet the requirements/conditions asked by SWDUP are blacklisted by the authority responsible for awarding candidates with scholarships.

For being two steps ahead of others and beat the time, one is needed to be fully aware of the “Important Dates” as knowing them can keep you up to the schedule and this will wonder you in amazing ways. By the way, do you know the meaning of “Dashmottar”? If not, it means the courses other than Pre Matric and Post Matric. Suppose you are pursuing Graduation/Post Graduation from a university that follows and banks upon the rules governed by this SWDUP, you’re like to get a Scholarship from this by filling out UP Scholarship Online Form 2018 right through this webpage.

UP Scholarship Form Important Dates 2018: Stay One Step Ahead

Type of Courses Starting Date Last Date (Registration) Last Date (Form Submission) Last Date (Submission of Hard Copy to Institution)
Pre Matric 01.07.2018 28.09.2018 28.09.2018 04.10.2018
Post Matric 01.07.2018 15.10.2018 15.10.2018 22.10.2018
Post Matric (Other than 11th-12th) 01.07.2018 22.11.2018 22.11.2018 28.11.2018

So, you’re thinking about this scholarship “in the long run” knowing that it is going to benefit you, isn’t it? It’s so astonishing to have you all guided because your development is our primary concern and we’re very well aware of how to achieve it.

Newbies tend to think that there is no use of filling out online forms via “UP Scholarship Registration 2018” because they think this is some kind of fraud or misdirection to divert candidates’ mind. Well, it is not their mistake for this thinking – it is the current environment and the on-going activities. But, to assure such applicants, we have gathered some facts about previous year (i.e. for session 2017-18).

Last Year Statistics of UP Scholarship Form 2018

Session Type (2017-18) Total Registrations Total Form Submission Total Form Entered Total Forms (Forwarded by Institution)
Postmatric/ Dashmottar (Other Than 11th-12th) 7182936 4564312 4962963 3946408
Postmatric (Class 11th-12th) 2951710 2020523 2236646 1649853
Prematric (Class 9th-10th) 3593512 2048438 2396203 1758239
Total 13728158 8633273 9595812 7354500

Uttar Pradesh Scholarship Pre/Post Matric Form 2018

In your storyline, you’ve got to tell the authority that your mind is made and there is no holding back because you want that “Scholarship” no matter what. Question is: which scholarship are you talking about? Is it UP Pre Matric Scholarship 2018 or from scholarship, you are referring to Post Matric Scholarship of UP? Don’t get into dilemma because Scholarship of Postmatric is further divided into two more Scholarships: one is for those who are studying in 11th class and 12th class and the second scholarship is for those who are currently undergoing Graduation/Post Graduation. To get you out of this confusion, let’s hear what our experts say:

Uttar Pradesh Pre Matric Scholarship 2018

Full form of Matric is Matriculation. Actually, it has been shortened for no purpose and then people started using it in that way. Now, you know that meaning of “Matriculation”, don’t you?

So, the Pre-matric Scholarship is basically to help those who are doing their 9th class or 10th class and want to achieve their dreams.

Uttar Pradesh Post Matric Scholarship 2018

Post refers to the word “After”. So, if you’re pursuing a course after matriculation like 11th class or 12th class and is a great need of being rewarded with the Scholarship, this one is for you. Every student needs to pay extra attention to the “Important Dates” table because dates for all scholarships are varying and a tiny mistake can change the whole game.

Scholarship for other than Post-Matric Students:

What? Is the scholarship provided to even other than the post-matric courses? Yes, this is also for those who are studying in any university and doing their Graduation (UG) or Post Graduation (PG). E.g., you are pursuing your courses, the Scholarship Form can be provided for BA, B.Com, B.Sc, BCA, BBA, B.Tech and other UG courses like MA, M.Com, MCA, MBA, M.Tech and others. The scholarship for other than post-matric courses is offered for the years:

  • 1st Year (FY)
  • 2nd Year (SY)
  • 3rd Year (TY)
  • 4th Year

UP Scholarship Form 2018 Eligibility Criteria

Coming to “Meeting Conditions” part, we stumble upon the “Eligibility Criteria” section because this is exactly what it means. It covers many conditions that have been enlightened beneath:

#1. You need to have a Domicile of Uttar Pradesh (UP).

#2. Your Enrollment in the School (in 9th or 10th), College (11th or 12th), University/Institution (UG/PG) must be confirmed – you must currently be studying any courses from there.

#3. If you are currently doing 9th Class, you must have a valid result certification of “Passed” status of class 8. The same rule is for class 10. Students.

#4. Now, if you are doing your 11th class, you must possess a passed certification of class 9 and same is for class 12.

#5. This rule also applies to the Dashmottar (other than Postmatric Scholarship) that is, you must be enrolled in any university or institution.

#6. It is important to read further rules using the advertisement because you may be needed to have scored minimum marks in your previous exam and based on those marks, the scholarship might be given.

UP Scholarship Form 2018 Status: Check Here

UP Scholarship 2018 – Documents Required

Well, there are a lot of documents that are highly important and you must keep them handy whether you’re are doing “Online Registration” or submission of “Application Form” in Stage 1, Stage 2, or Stage 3. Take a look:

  • 8th/9th Class Marksheet & Certificates
  • 10th Class (High School) Marksheet & Certificate
  • 12th Class (Intermediate) Marksheet & Certificate
  • Caste Certificate (OBC/SC/ST/Minority)
  • Income Certificate (Minority/SC/ST/OBC)
  • Bank Pass Book
  • Fee Receipt (Non-Refundable)
  • Aadhaar Card No.
  • Passport Size Photos (Latest)
  • Signature (Digital – Scanned)
  • Working Mobile No.
  • Other Personal Information

The detailed information to be filled is basically required for those who are doing this using the “Fresh” option because they are new to this Scholarship Scheme because this filling out UP Scholarship Form 2018 for the very first time. But, Renewal candidates need not fill much of the data.

FAQs on UP Scholarship Form 2018: Important Questions

Q #1: What should be the maximum annual income of students’ parents in Income Certificate to fill UP Scholarship Form 2018 online?

A #1: The amount required in your Income Certificate for OBC should be Rs.24,000/- (The preference is given to those who is having less income mentioned in income certificate).

Q #2: Is this only for General, ST, SC, PH, or other category candidates?

A #2: Yes, the above-mentioned income is only referring to OBC, if you are from General category, your income in Income Certificate should be less than Rs.30,000/-.

Q #3: What is the maximum validity of Income Certificate?

A #3: The duration of Income Certificate is 3 years and after 3 years, you will need to renew your income certificate.

Q #4: I am completing my studies from a private board, Am I eligible for Scholarship?

A #4: No, you are not eligible.

Q #5: How much time does it take for you to get your Scholarship after you have submitted Online Scholarship Form for the 2018-2019 session?

A #5: It depends on the College, Institution/University you are taking studies from. If you are studying from a government college/university, you are most likely to get your Scholarship in 2-3 months, but if you are from 3-4 months from the date of submission.

Q #6: Do I need Aadhaar Card for doing Online Registration?

A #6: Yes, you need to enter your 12-digit Aadhaar Card to continue the Registration/Application Form.

Q #7: What is Fee Receipt? Where do I get one?

A #7: The fee that you had submitted previously for the previous courses or standard. You would have got a receipt when you had paid the fee.

Q #8: How much amount am I going to get a Scholarship?

A #8: It depends on the course you are undergoing. But, speaking of the percentage of the amount of scholarship you are likely to get after everything goes fine, the facts show that you are likely to be awarded around 80% of the course fee.

Q #9: I wrongly entered the incorrect Bank Account Number while filling out the Application Form, is there any chance that scholarship can be received to my real bank account number, not the one that I by mistake provided?

A #9: No, you are only allowed to change the Bank Account details in the form unless you have submitted the scholarship form FINALLY. Once the scholarship has been withdrawn, no further consideration shall be considered in this regard.

Q #10: Do I need to take any Exam for being an eligible candidate?

A #10: No, there will be no Examination to provide you with Scholarship.

UP Scholarship Online Form 2018: Application Fee

It starts getting dreadful when the term “Fee” is brought up because this is something no one likes to do. But, the GOOD news is that there is no fee for you to pay, irrespective of your community.

Application Fee:

General Nil
SC Nil
ST Nil
PH Nil

Mode of Form Submission:

Coming to the mode of submission of forms, we get bombarded with the question i.e. is the mode of application form submission online or offline? The mere mode to submit the form is online. You cannot submit the form in any other way.

UP Scholarship Form Status 2018-19: List of Candidates

Knowing the status of your form can boost your strategy and help you plan futuristic schedules. The status of scholarship form is crucial for the reason it can assure you how long the operations of your scholarship have been taken. Some people think that there is an option for checking the status “By Name” or “By 10th Roll No.”, that’s not going to happen because you can only make sure of the status of your Uttar Pradesh Scholarship using the following credentials:

  • Registration Number
  • Date of Birth (DOB)

Once your application is verified, a Final List of Candidates who have been shortlisted for being awarded the “Scholarship” is uploaded to the official website i.e. http://scholarship.up.nic.in. Either this list is made available in PDF or just in a webpage. If you get your name on that list, it means you are likely to get the Scholarship. However, this is subject to some other conditions.

Method to Fill UP Scholarship Form 2018

Sometimes, students are made think “Broken Apart” because they are not provided with the “Proper Guidance” and taking that into consideration, we, at ResultInfo, have decided to lead you in this situation:

Step #1: Log on to the official website of SWDUP i.e. http://scholarship.up.nic.in.

Step #2: Later, on the top, you will see “Student” menu, take your cursor over there.

Step #3: If you are filing out Application Form for the first time, you should choose “New Registration” from there.

Step #4: If you have already registered, then, chose the link as per your requirement (see here): Prematric (Fresh) is for 9th-10th Students, Postmatric Intermediate (Fresh) is for 11th-12th Students, Postmatric (Other than 11-12) is for UG and PG courses. Postmatric (Other States) is meant for those who are from other than the Uttar Pradesh State.

Step #5: Now, you will need to either register (if new) or fill up online application form (if registered).

Step #6: Once you have submitted the form, it will take 2-3 days for verification by the authority i.e. Uttar Pradesh Government.

Step #7: Come back to the official site after 2-4 days and login to your application form again, you will see an option for final submission.

Step #8: Submit the form finally and take the print out of your Scholarship Application Form for submitting it to the institution.

While you submit UP Scholarship Form 2018, special precautions need to be taken like you should always take soft copies of every document, whether it is “Registration Form”, “Application Form of Stage” or a Finally Submitted Form. Before you submit the form finally, confirm that all fields in the form have been filled carefully. Do you still feel in a severe dilemma even after going through the aforesaid informative article? Maybe, you want to discuss with our experts who are always keen to guide you.

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UP Scholarship Form 2018 – Pre Matric Post Matric Fresh/Renewal Forms
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