Education: The committee in charge of continuous renewal and adaptation of curricula begins its work

The permanent commission responsible for the continuous renewal and adaptation of curricula, programs and training was officially established on Tuesday in Rabat, in the presence of the Minister of National Education, Preschool Education and Sports, Chakib Benmousse. Speaking at this ceremony, Mr. Benmoussa emphasized the need for constant updating of curricula and training standards and … Read more

53 closings for 43 jobs in primary education at the beginning of the 2024 school year

The Departmental Council for National Education (CDEN) finally took place this Tuesday morning, after being canceled following a pre-holiday union boycott. If the National Education Services rely on an expected drop of 670 pupils at the start of the next school year, most unions regret that the agenda is so important that it does not … Read more

Budget 2024: in education as well as in higher education, the announced savings are worrying

The government has announced: 10 billion euros will have to be saved in the budget for 2024. In the decree of February 22, which details the cancellation of loans, almost 691 million euros for national education and more than 900 million for higher education and Research have been deleted. Figures that worry actors. Five days … Read more

Ladern-sur-Lauquet: class closure: parents block the school for several hours

the important thing Parents of children who attend the school yesterday demonstrated in front of the institution and prevented classes from taking place for several hours. The goal: to raise awareness of the transfer of Class CE1 to Verzeille, which they believe poses safety concerns. Banners on the door, twisted chairs, locked class… This Monday, … Read more

Teachers protest in Paris near Stanislas' private school demanding an emergency plan in 1993

A police cordon prevented them from approaching the Stanislas school group. This Monday afternoon, more than a hundred teachers from Seine-Saint-Denis protested in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, near a private Catholic institution under contract, where the former minister of national education, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, justified sending her children to school as “many hours” of unreplaced … Read more

where are we, what issues still need to be resolved before the start of the school year?

A look back at the outstanding questions surrounding this future system, involved in a more global reform known as “knowledge shock”, pending details expected from the rue de Grenelle. Why level groups? From September, 6th and 5th graders must be divided, for maths and French lessons, into three groups with reduced numbers: “needs”, “low to … Read more