A sofa, a lamp, a chest of drawers… Gucci presents its new design project in Milan

After making an impression with his Spring/Summer 2024 collection, Sabato de Sarno, Gucci's artistic director, continues his creative momentum. The Italian luxury house has announced its brand new project, “Design Ancora”, presented from April 16 to 21 during Milan Design Week. Gucci continues to develop its creative universe under the leadership of Sabato de Sarno. … Read more

A house that stands out as a true masterpiece near Brussels

From the outside, nothing indicates that we will cross the threshold of a masterpiece. A long white brick wall with discreet openings does not suggest the warmth of life that reigns in this place, which was designed to the smallest detail by the interior designer Christophe Gevers in 1962. Originally from Antwerp, a reference professor … Read more

In Southern Eure, how can you improve your habitat with maximum help?

By Marina SORIEUL Posted April 15, 24 at 5:45 p.m. See my news Follow Le Réveil Normand During the home improvement forum held on Wednesday, April 3 at Breteuil (Eure) Village Hall, two main areas were represented. There energy renewal and home support. There were public and parapublic organizations. “The organizations present do not sell … Read more

Top 5 ideas for decorating with a light garland

The light series can be used in different ways for interior and exterior decoration. It can be used to illuminate furniture, beautify a wall, illuminate trees in the garden and more. In this article, we present five of the best ideas for decorating with a light garland. We'll show you how to use it creatively … Read more

Law for speeding up the renovation of degraded residential buildings

Today, France has almost 1.5 million degraded housing units. The Law of April 9, 2024, published in the Official Gazette of April 10, 2024, therefore aims to speed up and simplify the restoration of this habitat. “This is a text rich in concrete and effective measures that will enable communities, government services, landlords and specialized … Read more

“I lived discreetly, and even today I hate dominance”

Twenty years ago, she and her husband founded the Gilles & Boissier agency. An international reference in interior architecture. Madame Figaro. – Time to wake up?Dorothée Boissier – 7 am. I get ready in ten minutes – I don't put much emphasis on my appearance – and take my daughter to school. My luxury: sometimes … Read more