What is Merit List? Importance of Merit List in the Selection Process

What is Merit List?

Merit List is the final list that is shown to the people which help them to know who is selected or not. It is basically defined that which person is able and deserving and who is selected for the particular job. It is the final list out by the colleges or by the government after the cut off list. After this list the personnel or the student who is deserving get the job or admission respectively. What is Merit List? It is basically defined as the last list in which the “pupils” who is deserving that will be selected for the particular task.

The Merit List is also regarded as the “decision-making list”. As it made final list after it no another cut off list is introduced. So basically it also describes the future of the people as some are selected and many are rejected. After the cut off list is out people started for applying according to the cut off rate if they are capable according to the list they apply for that if they are not able to fulfill their need they also apply for it but can’t be selected for it.

The merit List not only one time publish it will be out at least two times and much more according to department requirements. It will be published two, three, or much more.

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Importance of Merit List

  • The Merit List is very important as a large number of personnel and students apply for jobs and for admission respectively. So it is important to provide the result. As people apply by seeing according to the cut off list so they have right to know the result whether they are selected or not.
  • And the result is shown in the form of Merit List, the applicants who apply for the job and for the admission know their result through Merit List that is the only means of knowing the result.
  • Merit List also important because Number of people applied but all do not get the job or admission only that person get who is able to do the and have capabilities according to that work.
  • It is also important to keep the record of the people who are selected in the particular field.
  • Colleges also announced Merit List they announced many times as a 1st Merit List, 2 Merit List, 3 Merit List and much more. They announced more and more times if they have more number of seats in the college but it is not important all the time they publish many lists if it is required only that time they out more and more list.

Importance of Merit List in the Selection Process

  • Merit List also regarded as the selection process. The number of people are very wide and the jobs and admissions for them are very less keeping this thing in their mind government department and colleges announced cut off list and the Merit List is basically the result of the cut off list. So it became necessary to made Merit List as people are waiting for the Merit List because their future depends on it.
  • The names of the people included in the Merit List is basically those people who are selected through the cut off list so we can also be called it selection process.
  • In the Government sector, they select personnel through the cut off list and the result of that selection out in the form of Merit List.
  • It made selection process very easier and no chance of any query and mistake could have occurred in it as it was selected from all the cut off list (grammatical mistakes cannot be included if any).
  • It is also important because through it people know that which type of personal or student is needed for doing the task or for getting the admission respectively. Because all people are not selected those are selected who are capable and those who are rejected have to learn that they have to work hard and try more.