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Ways to Reduce Stress in College Life

When we join college there are lots of thought going in our mind. we are so much excited that now we are going to college there we will meet new friends and lots of things which are new for us but now It is time of admission where we are little bit nervous or stressed that in which college we want to go there we will get admission or not after admission study, exams, and many more things which give us stress so do not take stress we’ll give you some Ways to Reduce Stress in College Life.

Ways to Reduce stress in College Life (Important Points)

  1. Exercise and Meditation: When you are stressed moving around is the last thing that you can try. Exercise will reduce your stress, 20 minutes of a physical activity reduce your stress. As far what type of exercise, try something that you like- swimming, yoga or meditation. Meditation is very helpful to reduce pain.
  2. Eat Well: You should have a healthy diet which is the true source of vitamins and protein. Follow a diet rich in vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Say no to junk food.
  3. Sleep Well: Lack of sleeping is also a reason for stress. You should sleep well and reduce your stress.
  4. Get Emotionally Support: Adjusting to college can be difficult, and venting your frustration to a trusted friend can go a long way in fighting stress. Choose a friend or family member who won’t be judgmental or trying to give lots of advice, who listen to you and can understand you will be helpful for you to reduce stress.
  5. Do not give up your passion: It may be possible that you have a hectic schedule. It filled with your lectures, classes and self-study so you should find at least a couple of hours for your personal hobbies that will give you happiness and reduce your stress.
  6. Breath: When you stressed take a deep breath it will really helpful for you. Deep breathing exercise is melted away your stress. Try this exercise – inhale slowly through your nose, hold a breath for few seconds that exhale through your mouth repeat it 3 to 4 times.
  7. Study well: Plan your routine what you learnt daily in your class, revise that, make proper notes that will help you in your exams. We have to face many problems so a better option is you have to well-prepared before your exam.
  8. Listen to music: if you found yourself in stress pull on those headphones and take a break. Try listening to calming music it has a positive effect on the brain and body. If also reduce cortisol.
  9. Laugh it off: laughter improves mood and decreases Here’s something you may not any, laughing actually tricks your nervous system into you making happy. So it is also helpful to reduce stress.
  10. Communicate with friends: Regularly find time to talk to friends, relatives, whether you call, text, email, Skype or catch up with them on social media. Stay connected with them and enjoy their company. Loved ones also help you to stay happy and free from stress.
  11. Quit smoking: Some people say they smoke to relax, it may be possible because a research on tobacco and nicotine suggest that nicotine fight the stress but it’s detrimental to health.so better option is quit smoking.

If you want to study properly, don’t just bring your book. You will need a pencil, pens and highlighter. This will help you pay more attention when you find a point that is important, you can highlight that. Try to understand overall message or story than writing it in your words and prepare your notes. Make proper notes that will help you in exams. Read with full concentration don’t use the memorising method, understand it and read the answer in your words.

Ways to Reduce Stress in College Life

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