UNSA education in Corte for its regional congress

In his speech, François Giudicelli first highlighted the robustness of UNSA Education in Corsica, with around 200 members linked to 13 unions out of 23 in the national federation. However, he lamented the lack of a truly structured network between unions, although progress had been noted. He spoke of the increased need for organization for optimal efficiency in the future, emphasizing the need to establish bridges between all involved stakeholders.
François Giudicelli, however, reported that fruitful meetings were held withindividual union leaders of the Federation and “joint work was able to implement as a joint list set for the CSA Corsica elections, even if the result was not at the level of our hopes.” And the regional secretary hoped that “the provincial administrative commission that was established will continue to function despite everything, because it is one of the ways to meet and share the same values ​​together in the territory, to know better and, why not, initiate common approaches, real actions federation”. He then welcomed the mobilization of Prosvjeta UNSA during the large demonstrations and pension strikes “we could see in these moments that our federation was very present and mobilized”. However, he regretted that the strike of 1this one Last February was not successful “despite our mobilization in Bastia and Ajaccio”.
François Giudicelli also recalled that UNSA Education Corsica supported all the unions that requested it, especially SE UNSA (teachers' union), administrative etc. “We also participated in meetings organized locally by different unions, just as we participate in actions and meetings National Federations. I am also glad that the inter-union association appointed us to represent all the media to give one speech at each protest during the great mobilization against the pension reform. Recognition that is of great benefit to us.”

Finally, the regional secretary concluded that the regional alliance remains mobilized for the next major actions of the Alliance, including those related to the status, mandate and remuneration of AEDs and AESHs (Educational Assistants) as well as the wage differentials that exist between the islands employees and those from the continent. “These issues will be on the table for discussion from Monday, February 12, during our meeting with the Minister of National Education,” said Morgane Verviers.

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