Toulouse: when the access code to the Bonnefoy elementary school, which houses a street family, changes strangely

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Like the lock at Simone Veil School, which houses a family with street children, access codes at Bonnefoy School were strangely changed this week. A mother and her three children have been staying in the institution for two weeks, along with the “Never without a roof in my school” collective.

Coincidences die hard sometimes. After changing the lock on the door of the Simone Veil elementary school in the Reynerie district last November, where two families with children were staying on the street, this time the parents of students at the Bonnefoy school noticed that “the access codes had been changed.”

For the record, the school located in this fast-changing neighborhood of Toulouse was also home to a mother of three for about two weeks. For parents of students who are members of the collective “Never without a roof in my school”, which has requisitioned several schools in Toulouse, the method is considered “bordering on barbarism”, complains the parent of student Jérôme.

300 street children attend school in Toulouse

“Not only are the state services doing nothing to resettle these families with almost 300 children in school and on the street, it is also an obstacle to solidarity towards these families,” continues the parent who says:

“When we wanted to enter the school last Wednesday after classes, we realized that the access codes had been changed. The student's parent hosted the mother and her children for one night, the youngest of whom is 3 years old and goes to kindergarten. Almost every night we see a bailiff with policemen coming to see that the school is being occupied. However, everything has been done so that nothing is disturbed during school and extracurricular time.”

Jean-Luc Moudenc's letter to his parents

On January 29, the mayor of Toulouse and president of Toulouse Métropole Jean-Luc Moudenc wrote a long letter to the parents of primary school students “to express his position” on the occupation of the 'institution'. Jean-Luc Moudenc reminds that “the law designates the state, not the mayors, as responsible for immigration policy, but also for necessary accommodation”. He also insists on the fact that “school is a place of education, not cheap emergency accommodation (…)”.

“Problem at work…”

In the case of the Simone Veil school, the lock on the door was changed after it was accidentally broken when the bailiff and police officers came to see the presence of the families temporarily housed, the city of Toulouse indicated. For the Bonnefoy elementary school, Capitole specifies that “the service management indicates that if the code could have been changed, which is not the case according to its knowledge, it would only be due to work problems, but that in no case would anyone ask the teams at on the spot.” Mystery.

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