Toulouse: teachers are called to strike again, Tuesday February 6, over wages and to give up knowledge conflicts

the important thing
Teachers have been called to strike again on Tuesday February 6 in Haute-Garonne. Snes-FSU 31 organizes a meeting at 1:30 pm in front of the rectory in Toulouse.

Teachers across France and Haute-Garonne are not giving up. A new strike call, broadcast locally by the majority secondary sector union Snes-FSU 31, has been issued for this Tuesday, February 6, following the strike on February 1.

In Toulouse, where the name of the Minister of National Education, Youth, Sports and Olympic and Paralympic Games Amélie Oudéa-Castér stole the show among the 5 biggest demands, the protests brought together 1,300 people according to the prefecture, 4,000 according to the prefecture unions.

“Continue action”

Snes-FSU, which is calling for “sustained action”, and the major inter-union association estimated the participation rate in high schools, high schools and information and orientation centers (CIOs) at “47%” at the academy last Thursday. The Rectorate of Toulouse gave, for its part, the strike rate estimated at 22.49% for the 1st degree and 23.72% in secondary schools, in general and technical high schools at 8.06% and in vocational high schools at 12.08% . How many will strike tomorrow?

“Opening serious negotiations…”

The concern is at the same level among teachers who want to repeat the strike “in order to obtain the opening of serious salary negotiations and the abandonment of the conflict of knowledge”, claims the high school union. In Toulouse, a gathering is planned for Tuesday, February 6 at 1:30 p.m. in front of the rectory. “Perhaps there will be a filter barrier in the process,” confides Snes-FSU Academic Secretary Pierre Priouret without knowing whether this movement will be followed.

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