Top 10 Ways to Improve GK – Increase General Knowledge for Exams

Top 10 Ways to Improve GK

GK (General Knowledge) refers to the basic information regarding around the area. To what is going on currently in our surrounding. It is “valuable Information” of the society, culture, civilization, community, or nation. It is the knowledge about every aspect of “Human Life” such as Fashion, Food, Health, family, Art and Science. Although it takes time to gain general knowledge, many human characteristics trails and skills such as intelligence, problem-solving, confidence, and much more. Top 10 Ways to Improve GK are-

  • Read a Book– It is very good to read more and more books it will help you in gaining more knowledge. A person gets a wide information through books. There are numerous and uncountable numbers of books through which person can read and gain their knowledge more.
  • Subscribe to Newspaper– It is the easiest and appropriate method get all the current information as it serves us the current news daily person get informed daily about all the activities around it. The newspaper is a very good medium because through it person get updated all time as what is going on.
  • Browse through a Magazine– Person also is updated and get the knowledge through Magazines. It provide a lot of the knowledge about fashion and about film stars and about Bollywood.
  • Attending Programs and Conferences– It gains the knowledge of the person in many ways as people get some many information when they go out they observe some many things and also learn about society, public and much more.
  • Socialize with society, colleges and with professionals– Getting information through society, public, by colleges and through talking with professionals and knowing about all the new things.
  • Practice the 4 Core Key– Student should always open their 4 parts mainly to enhance their knowledge more these 4 core key are namely listen, speak, watch, read. Help u a lot always in gaining more and more knowledge.
  • Watch Educational channels– For gaining more knowledge student also watch educational channels there is a very wide number of channels are subscribe only the reason is to provide information to the students easily. So it is a good plan for gaining more General knowledge.
  • Internet Searches– to search through the internet is also a very good option. Now a time so many people learn so many things through the internet.
  • Writing- Reading help you to grasp the knowledge and writing helps you to retain it. So it also very important to remember all the knowledge or information that you grasp with yourself.
  • Media and Television– People also grasp knowledge through Media as the basic work of Media is provide information to the people. By watching Television you can so many things.

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Increase General Knowledge for Exams

Building General Knowledge takes time. Some of the point to Increase your General Knowledge is-

  • Rebuild Your Basics- It is very important to revise your basic time by time. It will help you to make new things that you are learning easier. If you do not revise your basic and forget them and it creates a big problem to grasp new things.
  • Hungry for Knowledge- It means the person is ready always to grasp new things. No other factor will matter to them such o9f that is the age factor, fade up with learning and much more.
  • Become Smart with Smart Phones– It is also a good way to grasp the information through your smartphones. As some many things, you know from your smartphones.
  • Make Notes- you can note on what you learn by this it will help you in future when your exam is going too It made very easier to learn through Notes.

For clear Exam focus on important topics that cover most of the part of GK-

  • Physical Geography
  • Indian and World Geography
  • Indian and World History
  • International Organizations
  • Everyday Science
  • Awards and Honors
  • Indian Economy
  • Indian Polity
  • Constitution
  • Current Affairs
  • Other Miscellaneous GK

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