The parents of the students request the opening of an additional class at the Rayssac school in Albi

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They rebelled: parents of students at Rayssac School, the largest in the city, are challenging the new school plan and demanding the creation of an additional class in this working-class district that has great difficulties.

This Tuesday, February 6, the new school card must be confirmed by the departmental committee of National Education. However, the parents of Rayssac school students have no illusions: this year, too, their request to open classes will be in vain.

“We don't understand, explains Pauline Berthier, representative of Rayssac parents. We have a school with the largest number of students in the city (201 students, editor's note) and for years the opening of classes has not been followed. Last year the school itself received an additional 27 students. Knowing that we are in district that has one of the lowest indices of social position in Albi, we see this as a great injustice.”

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The feeling was reinforced by the opening of an additional class in the neighboring Rochegude school. “It's very good for Rochegud, but why are we forgotten,” asks the mother of two children who attend school in Rayssac. Among the city's 12 public institutions, Rayssac is also one of 3 kindergartens that accept children from the age of 2. “In addition, these children are not counted,” adds Pauline Berthier. “This further distorts reality and the needs that teachers have.”

Invitation to a rally in front of the County this Wednesday

After alerting the unions, she has just launched a petition asking for an extra class, and from Monday morning she will be handing out a paper version around the school with other parents. “Rayssac is classified as a QPV (city policy priority district), but this is not enough. Classes should be doubled, we would like to be classified as a REP (priority education network), especially to reduce the achievement gap between students enrolled in priority education and those who are not.”

Aware that there is a relatively short time between the publication of the petition and the new school plan, parents do not want to give up. They will be present this Wednesday at 6 p.m. in front of the prefecture at an invitation to a rally initiated by the teachers' unions. “The school plan will be officially announced on Wednesday, continues Pauline Berthier. We were told to open classes last year… The rooms are big enough to accommodate other classes. So we won't give up.”

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