The original school for atypical profiles

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The Holberton School, a school of digital development and coding, has started again. An opportunity to meet three profiles dedicated to artificial intelligence, cyber security and IT development.

It's back to school at Holberton School. A school born in Silicon Valley and moved to Rodez (after Toulouse). Élie Fetis, 25 years old, Benoît Beti 46 years old and Marion Saint-Martin returned to school this Monday, February 5. Three atypical profiles that entered school desks, equally non-academic. The Holberton School does not require any prerequisites, matriculation or other level, but determination and a real appetite for the world of IT.

Benoît Beti left the life of a salesman in the automotive sector, where he worked for 15 years, to refocus on a career in the world of cyber security. “In Lyon, in the automotive industry, a profession I didn't necessarily choose, I didn't necessarily find my values ​​there. When I saw the poster, in the Station premises, I said to myself why not? Why not, because as a salesman I loved the IT side.” After the initial selection, he went to La Station for 18 months of training.

Elie Fetis has a completely different profile. The young man discovered the school during the local mission. “I was looking for a job. I was a programmer, in my free time, and that's when I realized what I wanted to do,” confides one who came to the development of computers through video games. Selected, reveals the requirements of the requested job. “Work is above all personal. School plants the seed, and your motivation does the rest.” Thanks to the Crédit Agricole Youth Fund, Elie Fetis will be able to use the first year, without a scholarship. He should spend another two years (on a work-study basis) to complete his training.

As for Marion Saint-Martin, she chose this male-dominated sector to find her professional niche in artificial intelligence. A professor of physics and chemistry, first in high school, then in college, the young woman, originally from the Hautes-Pyrénées, broke with the world of national education. “I registered with Pôle emploi and there is not much help. It is amazing that Crédit Agricole is funding us for the first year. This allows me to think about another professional future, without worrying about funding “says the young woman, who plans to stay in Rodez.

Three “students” are part of a class of seven candidates. They are currently in the first month of selection. If they reach 80% of their goals, they will definitely be taken. Otherwise, “the door is open in both directions, for entry and exit”summarizes Benoît Beti.

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