The national education strike: the rally and the filtration barrier

This Tuesday, February 6, secondary education unions are calling for a day of national education strike with an expensive and filter barrier planned in Toulouse. The demands concern wages, careers, insecurity and the consequences of “knowledge shock” at college.

strike National Education damThe unions will gather in the Niel garden in front of the rectory in Toulouse. CC BY-SA Mathieu MD/Wikipedia

The teachers did not say their last word. After the great mobilization on Thursday, February 1, the unions SNES-FSU, CGT Educ' and Solidaire Education of Haute-Garonne are responding again to a new call for a strike in national education with a gathering and a filter barrier this Tuesday, February 6 in Toulouse. Namely, the trade union commissioners are planning a week of actions in primary and secondary education before the school holidays. A strike that promises to be a long one, as it has been renewed for another month, with prospects for recovery and fallout in March.

At the center of the demands, key issues such as wages, career planning and even insecurity were put back on the table. Teachers also decry the effects of “knowledge shock” and criticize the use of level groups, believing that these methods risk leaving certain students behind, with no real opportunity to progress. And finally, working conditions, marked by an increase in numbers and insufficient funding, are many topics highlighted by unions. They call on the government to invest more in national education in order to guarantee optimal teaching conditions.

Filter barrier in Toulouse to provide strike information

Thus, this Tuesday, February 6, the unions of high school teachers responded to the call for a strike in national education and organized a meeting and a filter barrier in Toulouse. They first meet at 1:30 p.m. in Niel garden, in front of the rectory. The organizations SNES-FSU, CGT Educ and Solidaires Education will then speak and schedule time for discussion.

Then the strikers will join the URSS Avenue to carry out a filtering blockade action. There, they will hand out flyers to inform drivers and potential parents of students about the future of public schools. “Our goal is not to block everything, but to explain why we are going on strike,” insists Pierre Priouret, academic secretary of SNES-FSU de la Haute-Garonne. “People absolutely need to understand that the education system is on the verge of collapse,” he adds.

Several actions in national education were carried out

This new day of strike in national education complements numerous actions already announced for the coming weeks. Before going on holiday, the unions of the first and second degree of Haute-Garonne are also planning a rally this Wednesday in front of the rectory at 2 pm to question the administration about the uncertain situation of contract workers, “poorly paid and less and less, because the position is not attractive,” he explains Pierre Prioret. Then on Thursday it will be the turn of the first stage, which will play in Toulouse.

These local actions are part of a wider context, with mobilization planned for March 19 in public service. The interunion of education is also thinking about a new strike in March. More information to come.

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