the government faces its first setback

Last December, while he was still the Minister of National Education, Gabriel Attal announced the launch experimenting with unique clothes at school. About sixty institutions (39 schools, 11 middle schools and 10 high schools) volunteered for this trial, which should last two years. However, there should have been more of them, but several high school and high school students refused to be tested in their institution, it was learned from Parisian.

Detection of votes and protests

In Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône), the government suffered a rather bitter defeat in front of 500 high school students from Chape who voted 66% against the measure. The management of the institution immediately suspended the project. In Le Mans (Sarthe), students from the Touchard-Washington school campus, for their part, failed the individual clothing test with 78%.

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The primary school of Plouisy (Côtes-d'Armor), the only commune candidate for the experiment in Brittany, also withdrew. This time without a vote, but due to the anger of about a hundred protesters, including teachers, parents and students, who gathered to express their opposition. The departments concerned must now find other voluntary institutions. However, the deadlines are tight because the ministry's call for expressions of interest closes on February 15.

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The school council, for elementary schools, and the board of directors, for secondary schools, must approve the implementation of the experiment desired by the Ministry of National Education. This is necessary for the amendment of the internal rules and their confirmation by the teaching staff, parents and students. Such experience of consulting with students is not mandatory, but it reveals the general opinion at the heart of educational institutions.

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