School map 2024-2025: in Bastia, the Georges-Charpak de Toga school is in the center of attention

Three years ago, the Georges-Charpak kindergarten in Toga in Bastia had about a hundred students. At the beginning of the next school year, there will be only forty-eight of them. Currently, the institution has three classes, giving a teaching ratio of sixteen students per class. However, according to Bruno Benazech, academic director of the National … Read more

UNSA education in Corte for its regional congress

In his speech, Fran├žois Giudicelli first highlighted the robustness of UNSA Education in Corsica, with around 200 members linked to 13 unions out of 23 in the national federation. However, he lamented the lack of a truly structured network between unions, although progress had been noted. He spoke of the increased need for organization for … Read more