Schools, middle and high schools: everything you need to know about the new teachers' strike on February 6, 2024.

The National Unions of Education Employees want to transform the test, this Tuesday, February 6, 2024. After the success of the first day of mobilization of teachers at all levels, across France, last Thursday, February 1, several representative movements of teachers and professors are calling for the operation to be repeated.

Which unions are calling for a strike again on February 6?

We take the same and start over! Like last Thursday, the strike is led by the main education unions:

  • Snes-FSU (most in secondary and high schools);
  • CGT Éduc'Action;
  • Southern education.

What are the union's demands?

Same program as last week. Unions continue to demand:

  • better remuneration;
  • better working conditions;
  • abandoning the “conflict of knowledge” defined by Gabriel Attal, including particularly highly controversial groups at the level.

Another source of discontent for the unions: the Minister of National Education, Youth, Sports and the Olympic Games, Amélie Oudéa-Castera. Despite the avalanche of controversies she has faced since her appointment as minister in mid-January and the flood of criticism that followed, the latter has ruled out any resignation.

Unions, which are considered strong in the face of a weakened minister, confirm that she is no longer able to adequately represent public schools.

What kind of mobilization can we expect this Tuesday, February 6, 2024?

The success of the movement launched last Thursday, February 1, while farmers paralyzed the country, does not really speak to the possibility of exhaustion.

Last week, the Ministry of National Education said that 17% of staff followed the strike call and 20% of teachers. For its part, Snes-FSU claimed that 47% of staff are on strike in secondary education, while Snuipp-FSU mentioned 40% of school teachers on strike.

In addition to this Tuesday's strike, several unions, including CGT Éduc'Action, have called for more direct action during the week to “make the (movement) sustainable”.

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