School map: parents of students in Gers remain mobilized before the official publication of the school map

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Every year, the anticipation of the publication of the future school plan stirs passion. Many parents are mobilizing to try to save the classes. This year is no exception to the rule.

This year too, the announcement of the future school map caused confusion in many municipalities in the department. Who will lose the class? Who will win it? This Thursday, February 8, the CDEN (Ministerial Council for National Education), – including staff representatives, elected officials, parents and DSDEN – is meeting to submit their copy.

For the 2024 school year, 117 fewer students are expected. And the Gers department will have to work with the same number of teachers. “So if Dasen (academic director of national education services) wants to open classes in areas where classes are overcrowded, he must automatically close them in areas where there are fewer students. We are clearly against class closures, because closures are not necessary. On the other hand, opening are”, analyzes Betty Jean Dit Teyssier, secretary of the teachers' union Snuipp-FSU 32.

Last chance to mobilize in Riguepe

Parents of students have been mobilizing for several weeks to keep the same number of teachers and the same number of classes in several municipalities in the department. The small school in Riguepe should go from 2 to 1 class. Enough to revolt families who were still protesting this Wednesday morning, along with numerous elected officials.

The Association of Parents (APE) was in front of their school, with the support of Barbara Neto, president of the commune community, Emeline Lafon and Benoit Desenlis, ward councilor; Nadine Arqué, the mayor of Riguepeu, and all the mayors of the territory.

APE representative Audrey confided: “All the parents of the students are mobilized, if we were not able to gather more people, it is due to the fact that the decision to protest was made at the last minute, and many parents are working We will lose the class, and the decision must be made this Thursday” , is a desperate mother.

Lannepax does not give up

Same thing at Lannepax, where parents and elected officials met Monday morning. On Wednesday afternoon, a few hours before the announcement of the school map, Nathalie Delannoy, co-president of APE, still wanted to believe in a miracle.

“If this decision is confirmed, we would obviously be very disappointed, and we will see what else we can do to change the situation. If we also come to these small villages, to these small schools, it is not for that in the end, we end up with overcrowded classes like in big cities. This is not comfortable for our children or teachers. This year, schools, even kindergartens, are important, this is where we lay the foundations of learning. But we will continue to mobilize, it is a question of the survival of our schools, the survival of our villages”, insists the co-president.

No boycott

Discussions this Thursday morning at CDEN will be, as every year, lively. All the more so as demonstrations are planned at the gates of the prefecture at the invitation of parents of school students whose classes are threatened. “We voted against this school map project. However, as in previous years, we did not decide to boycott CDEN, which will take place as usual. We are not satisfied, but we are losing students and not losing employees. We are working on a constant average, even if class openings insufficient,” concludes Betty Jean Dit Teyssier.

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