School map for 2024 in Mayenne: several municipalities concerned

It is always a painful moment for teachers and parents. The school plan for the school year 2024 is currently being developed. According to the unions, the National Education Services Academic Administration (DASEN) plans to close 24 classes and close two schools. The committee for social administration is planned for this Monday in Laval.

One teacher for nine levels?

This is of particular concern at the Clé des Champs school in western Mayennais. It gathers students from the municipalities of La Pellerine and Saint-Pierre-des-Landes in two classes. It could close. A teacher in front of 21 children, from a small class to CM2, this is the scenario imagined by the academic administration. Impossible for the mayor of La Pellerine, Fernando Coget. “They are telling us about one and a half teachers, and some part-time. But on the day when he is not there… that means there will be fewer students with only one teacher and nine hours to go,” declared the elected official.

The school is equipped with two rooms. “For us, this implies costs at the municipal level, because we heat two rooms from the floor”, continues Fernand Coget. The disappearance of the class would be a loss, especially since the local demography is good, explains the mayor of Saint-Pierre-des-Landes explains Joannick Lebon. “We have a year with more than 20 births in the municipality and 24 in the entire area. So, the goal is to predict the admission of these future students and that they have the possibility to go to the audience”.

Are school trips threatening?

The nearest public school is in Ernée and this is also a problem for Steven Riat, the parent of a first grade girl. “It is unsustainable for the parents of students. Bringing your child every day, traveling twelve kilometers, especially to Ernée. Some work in Fougères. It doesn't make sense,” he claims.

If there is only one class with nine levels, it is also a certainty that educational trips can no longer be organized because the age differences between the students would be too great, explains the father. The petition to keep the two classes has so far collected 580 signatures. In Marcillé-la-Ville in Nord-Mayenne, where class closures are also planned, parents blockaded the school last week.

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