School map 2024: in the face of concerns, the joint mobilization of the mayors of Territoire de Belfort

The beginning of the September school year is already looking tense in Territoire de Belfort! The origin of the protest is the projection of the school map for 2024, with a significant decrease in the number of classes. This Monday, February 5, a public meeting on the subject was held in Foussemagne, in the company of a large panel of elected officials: about thirty mayors of the department came, as well as deputy (LR) Ian Boucard and senator Cédric Perrin, also a member of the Les Républicains party.

“Lack of consideration” according to the mayor

The Besançon Academy is considering the abolition of 14 teaching posts in the Territoire de Belfort. In addition, 40 classes are at risk of closure. If not all subject classes are actually closed, there is great concern among the department's elected officials.

Beyond the observations, the way things are done bothers local elected officials. The organizers of this Monday's meeting with elected officials, Arnaud Miotte (Foussemagne) and Olivier Chrétien (in Reppe) condemn the “lack of consideration” from the academic management who warned them by email about the possible closure of classes within the RPI between their two municipalities. “We need a real collaboration between the mayor and the National Education, case by case”, hopes Arnaud Miotte*, who is holding an “outstretched hand”* with Marianne Tanzi, academic director of the Territoire de Belfort (DASEN) department..


Explanation of the Distance Academy

The services of the Academy of Besançon provide justification: the demographic decline experienced by the department in recent months. Territoire de Belfort is losing residents and therefore schools, with a loss of just over 2,000 schools in 10 years. “I understand that some are disappointed, worried. But at the moment we are in a period of study”, reacted to the microphone of France Bleu Marianne Tanzi, academic director of Territoire de Belfort (DASEN), who did not respond to the call of the mayor this Monday, February 5 in Foussemagne , the “issue of the agenda” is stated.


The Lion City mayor also expressed his opposition to the wishes of the department's academic director, who plans to close 13 classes in Belfort alone. “I conclude that once again local authorities are working hard to preserve local services, even though they are under the jurisdiction of the state, and that same state cancels the work of local authorities. This is alienation,” Damien Meslot reacted via the media libre.

To mark the occasion, the mayors of the Territoire de Belfort jointly signed an open letter specifically addressing the “despicable methods” of the National Education Services. The mayors of the department will also send a letter to Prime Minister Gabriel Attal and Minister of National Education Amélie Oudéa-Castera. Enough to unblock the situation before the final announcement of the school map in the spring?

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