Projects for opening and closing in Garda proposed before the next CDEN at the end of February

The Council of the Department of National Education could not take place this Friday, February 9 in Nîmes, due to the lack of a quorum. The day before, the meeting allowed us to learn more about the Dasen du Garda projects that will come back to the table at the next meeting at the end of February.

This Friday, February 9, the CDEN (Ministerial Council for National Education) could not meet in Nîmes due to the lack of a quorum. In fact, staff representatives and students' parents boycotted to protest the lack of communication with Dasen du Gard. The trade unions then dispute the validity of yesterday's session of the Committee for Social Administration: “The negative vote of all representatives was not respected”.

Christophe Mauny, Dasen du Gard, rightly mentions the CSA-SD of Thursday: “There was no break in the dialogue after four hours of meeting. We need to find a common language on the method. (… ) There was a technical error in the transfer of documents.” A new CDEN meeting will soon be scheduled for back-to-school week, at the end of February. Dasen, who does not want to discuss the school's plan, is confident in the outcome of the next council meeting.

Duplications to be finalized

This Thursday, in CSA-SD, he presented his project of opening, numbering 46, and closing, a total of 52, in public schools in Gard. There was discussion about the completion of duplication, capping of large departments, CPE, CE1 up to 24 students, inclusive school. And there is also communication about the 2024-2025 school map project, which was supposed to be presented to CDEN this Friday.

Open it

Duplication of CP and CE1 in priority education: Alès Louis Pasteur (CE split), Beaucaire Condamine (CE ded.).

Transformation of positions into priority education: Beaucaire Condamine (GS ded.), Alès Germain David (CE ded.), Paul Langevin (CE ded.), Panséra (CP ded.), Leprince Ringuet (primary ded.), Tamaris (CP ded. .), Nîmes Henri Wallon (primary), Edouard Vaillant (elementary). Device under 3 years: Jean Zay.

Limit GS-CP and CE1 to 24, excluding priority education: in kindergarten, Bagnols-sur-Cèze Célestin Freinet, Vauvert Pic d'Etienne Georges Pompidou, Nîmes La Placette, Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort Rachel Cabane, Calvisson Le Petit Prince , Codognan Les Petits Loups; in primary: Redessan Marcel Pagnol, Nîmes Talabot, Pont Saint-Esprit Jean-Jaurès, Caissargues Clos Mirman; in elementary school, Sommières Condamine, Nîmes René Char. In kindergarten, additional funds for Capouchiné in Nîmes.

Creation of a school group in Garons François Soirat: five vacancies in the nursery and five in the primary school. Jean Moulin, Edgard Tailhades, Marie Curie, La Grand-Combe Anatole France also opened in the primary school in Nîmes; in the Ulis class at Beaucaire Garrigues Planes, Beauvoisin Les Moulins. Temporary positions after the start of the school year becomes final: Clarensac Gérard Cazeneuve (mat.), La Grand-Combe Anatole France (CE ded.), Salindres Marcel Pagnol (elem.), Uzès Jean Macé (elem.), Meyrannes (elem. .) and Nîmes Marie Curie (math.).


Duplication of GS in priority education: Nîmes Edouard Vaillant. Duplication of CP and CE1 in priority education: Nîmes Courbessac (CE ded.) and Léo Rousson (CE ded.). Transformations of positions in priority education: Beaucaire Condamine (mat.), Alès Germain David (elem.), Paul Langevin (CP ded.), Nîmes Henri Wallon (CP ded.), Edouard Vaillant (CP ded.), Alès Pansera ( elem. .), Leprince-Ringuet (GS ded.), Tamaris (GS ded.); Les Salles-du-Gardon (elem.).

Closure of kindergartens: Beaucaire La Moulinelle, Nîmes Gustave Courbet, La Gazelle, Bessèges Hector Mallot, Bagnols-sur-Cèze Jules Ferry, Bellegarde Philippe Lamour, Bouillargues Madeleine Bres, Garons Jean Monnet (4), Bernis Paul Fort, Montfaucon.

In primary: Beaucaire Nationale, Condamine, Jonquières Saint-Vincent Le Mistral, Nîmes Paul Langevin, La Placette, Marie Soboul, Saint-Julien-les-Rosiers, Aimargues Fanfonne Guillierme, Fourques André Malraux, Saint-Chaptes, Bezouce Alphonse Daudet, Garons Jean Monnet Saint-Exupéry (5), Aubais, Rochefort-du-Gard Vieux Moulin, Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres Charles Odoyer, Lussan RPI.

In primary: Ribaute Marcel Pagnol, Saint-Jean-de-Maruéjols-et-Avéjan, Sauve Florian, Montaren-et-Saint-Médiers, Saint-Maximin, Calvisson L'ile verte, Nîmes La Planette.

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