Pouzac: Protest against the closing of kindergartens

the important thing
Parents and their representatives, children protested against the announced closure of kindergartens at the beginning of the next school year.

“Strike while the iron is hot”, the expression was put into practice by elected officials, parents of students, and even children of the Pouzac school after the announcement of the threat to close classes in the village school. The incomprehensible decision of the mayor Patricia Sentubery Chagnot and her deputy Christian Ferrer, who participated in the meeting: “We currently have 81 students in the school, at the beginning of the school year in February we will have 84, and at the beginning of the school year in September, there will be 89, we do not understand. What they accuse us of is that we have an average of 17.5 children per class, and the National Education Department wants to go to an average of 24, which is the number they gave us.”

“We want a republican school, for true equality of opportunity”

Christian Ferrer is concerned about the future of children, in this accounting management, especially in small villages: “We want the school of the Republic, for true equality of opportunity. We are in a partnership of struggle, with parents, children and the mayor. We have urban projects with the construction of 20 housing units and with the economic development of the Croatian Armed Forces, it is certain that families will settle in that area. We are closing positions and opening others elsewhere, we are really sorry that this is still in the area of ​​CCHB. We are easy to hit compared to large school groups. Our municipality is very attached to our school.”

Pierre Abbadie, representative of the students' parents, emphasized the quality of the Pouzac school: “It is a school that has a very strong project, an eco label, where sport is very important, we will not allow that. Today we wanted to protest with a peaceful procession that aims to be noisy and effective. In any case, we can submit complaints until May. We will not stop tonight. I thank the teaching team at the school who work every day on school and extracurricular activities.

Demonstrations started from the entrance of the school to go along the path to the stadium, then to the roundabout of the Pouzac shopping area, where children, elected officials and adults stayed for a moment to warn the population by chanting: “We are not sheep, stop counting us”, in the hope that will be heard and manage to keep this fifth class. meeting after the winter holidays that started at the end of last week.

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