Meaning of Cut off Marks | Role of Cut Off in Selection Process

Meaning of Cut off Marks

Meaning of Cut off Marks

The Cut off Marks symbolize the percent that colleges set to rate the student whether he/she able to take admission in a college or not. Meaning of Cut off Marks is the minimum ratio that is set by any college or by the government for providing admission and job respectively. It differentiated in a different situation as colleges set the cutoff marks for giving admission and government set their different cut off marks for proving jobs to the different sector for public sector they set different ratio and for private they also set different percentage. It basically depends on the department who is introducing Cut Off marks for their department need.

Cut Off marks is the total minimum percentage mainly introduced by colleges for admission process and by the government for providing jobs. It may also refer to the process of doing recruitment. Colleges and government search the new personnel by telling their demand first in the form of Cut Off list. It creates the recruitment process much easier because all people know he minimum percentage of the respective department and if he/she is able to fulfill it so they will try to get the admission or job. Cut Off Marks basically in form of percentage students who try to take admission in colleges first they have to check the Cut off list if his/her percentage is according to the Cut Off list they will get the admission. Same process in the government sector government organize many programs and exams and they set a minimum rate/percentage for the job. If student scores that ratio in the exams held by the government so they will get the job.

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Importance of Cut off Marks

The Cut Off marks are the basic requirement for doing recruitment because the population of people is very wide and a number of people are more and number of jobs and good colleges less. For selecting the good one easily colleges and government set the Cut Off list.

Here are some points that Highlight the Importance of Cut off Marks-

  • Cut Off list is very beneficial for the recruitment of personnel in the government It became very difficult to select the personnel from the wide population after this new list introduced it became very easy to find the personnel.
  • After the recruitment process became easy department have many options as large numbers of people are trying to get the job so company have many chooses to select and they introduced their Cut Off list too for choosing the best personnel team.
  • The Cut Off list is also important for colleges as there are a wide number of students so it became very difficult to select which is best in among all after introducing the Cut Off list it becomes easier for selecting the students. Colleges set their maximum rate of percentage if the student is having that percentage they will get the admission in college.
  • A Cut Off marks represent the qualified-standard. So it is very important for setting the standard of the particular department. And it will help in to rate or to get the information about that field too.
  • It is also very important for the students as student compare their performance to according to the Cut Off list which has is provided to them they can rank their marks to and help them to know whether they are able to take admission or not.

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Role of Cut off in Selection Process

The Role of Cut off in Selection Process is the major part as it helps a lot for finding the best personnel. Due to the wide range of population, it became very difficult to choose the best people after the Cut Off list introduced it help a lot to find a good personnel. Colleges and government department have a very wide number of people to whom they choose. Cut Off list set the standard according to the department if the people are able to that department according to their publish Cut Off list they will get the job.

In colleges the same process is used for selecting the students as there are large number of students applying to get the admission in the college but colleges do not give admission to all the students and they also wanted to select the best students in their college so after getting the help of Cut Off list colleges select good students in their colleges.

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