Mayenne school map: twenty classes closed at the start of the 2024 school year, opening according to unions

“A real massacre”, “a large-scale elimination of jobs”, this is how the teachers' unions described the school map project that was presented this Monday, February 5, by the administration of the department of national education of Mayenne.

In September of next year, twenty classes should be closed, one will be opened according to the union organizations, at the Charles Perrault elementary school in Laval. “The massacre has been confirmed, laments Stève Gaudin, co-secretary of SNUDI-FO in Mayenne. So, surely the academic director could have returned to the project of closing three classes. We are glad that colleagues managed to suppress the academic director in Marcillé-la-Ville through mobilization , Bierné-les-Villages and Montsûrs. However, the decisions that have been made are not at all satisfactory and will have consequences for the working conditions and the conditions that welcome students in the next school year.”

All union organizations voted unanimously against this school card project. FSU-SNUipp 53 “condemns these massive layoffs. The distinct lack of substitutes, E and G teachers, school psychologists in Rased and human resources to achieve inclusion (AESH, reference teachers, etc.) should have led to a completely different decision.”

List of classes that could be closed

  • La Rouaudière (closing of the school)
  • La Pellerine
  • Désertines (closing of two school classes)
  • Beaulieu on the Oudon
  • Everton
  • No
  • Saint-Fraimbault-de-Prières
  • RPI Bouère-St Brice (location not defined)
  • Hambers (RPI with Jublains)
  • Coudray
  • Laval, Pagnol (kindergarten)
  • Ruillé-Froid-Fonds (RPI with Villiers-Charlemagne)
  • Laval, Dolto (primary)
  • Montsûrs, St Céneré
  • Château-Gontier-sur-Mayenne, Guéhenno (basic)
  • Château-Gontier-sur-Mayenne, birdsong (basic)
  • Mayenne, L. Michel
  • Exchange
  • Jamb

“The closures take into account the significant demographic decline experienced by the department,” states the National Education Service in Mayenne, which specifies that “several openings are planned as part of an inclusive school policy.” A new meeting on that topic is scheduled for February 13.

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