Let's reject the sabotage of the secondary vocational school! – Inter-union announcement

The text that changes the timetables for the professional matriculation and senior year, postpones the tests for May, shortens the class time and increases the working hours was finally published in the Official Gazette on February 3, 2024. This stubbornness of the ministry can only strengthen the will of the PLP to fight against this reforms step by step, and over time.

Indeed, this publication comes at a time when the employees of vocational secondary schools strongly mobilized against this reform two days earlier, after the mobilizations last fall. Challenge to this remains strong in the institutions. It will also be recalled that it received a massively unfavorable opinion from the Senior Council for Education (CSE), with, unprecedented in this body, not a single positive vote. Against the profession and the internal democracy of the ministry, the minister confirmed the decree establishing a waiver from school for vocational high school students, mostly from the working class. This regulation removes the equivalent of 6 weeks of courses added to the 11 weeks already abolished in 2019. In terms of content and methods, the staff perceives this publication as a new provocation and an unparalleled contempt for their commitment. impeccably serving young people and public education service.

In order to defend the secondary vocational school and request another reform with ambitious lessons for students, our organizations invite professional staff to mobilize in the week of actions from February 5 to 9: rallies, actions on the occasion of departmental and academic bodies, actions of institutions, HIS … with an emphasis on Tuesday, February 6, where the conditions, including the strike, were met.

Our organizations will come together to continue the fight against this reform and build a continuation with the return of action in March, to strengthen public vocational education and its staff.

The secondary vocational school is being sacrificed. By continuing this sabotage, the minister is responsible for worsening the working conditions of employees and the proven endangerment of the future of working-class students, which worsens the crisis facing the state school and its staff.

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