Le Vernet is mobilizing against the possible closure of classes at the beginning of the next school year

In front of the Vernet school this Friday, February 2, at the end of classes, Mayor Bernard Aguiar promised the students' parents that he would fight against the eventual closing of classes at the beginning of the school year in September next year.

The school map has not yet been finalized for the start of the 2024 school year, but the Vernet municipal team has already heard about potential job losses within its school group. The consequence of losing two students. A decision experienced as an injustice that forced the mayor, Bernardo Aguiar, to file a petition condemning this repression in Dasen

as well as circulating a petition to put pressure on National Education.

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“Keep the pressure on”
At the end of classes, on February 2, Bernard Aguiar spoke in front of many parents and children: “At the beginning of the week, during the municipal council, we learned about the possible cancellation of the class. This cancellation is related to the expected number of students next September, considering the departures from CM2 and kindergarten arrivals. However, the projected loss is not significant enough, compared to the national educational threshold, to justify closing classes.

Determined to do everything to defend the teacher's position and the future of the school, which has just finished major renovation work, the mayor intends to “keep up the pressure.”

Nicolas Ray, present as deputy for this constituency, continued. “Last year, Allier experienced 29 class reductions. We thought we would have a little oxygen this year, but it's not like that. We have to mobilize, like last year, when we saved several classes, like in Arfeuille or Jenzat”. The latter was quite confident in the case of Vernet.

“I think this class can be saved if we find a few more students. Closing it would mean we end up with classes of 25 or even 26 students. That's not the goal.” Nicholas Ray

(LR MP for Allier)

Next deadline, a meeting of elected officials from Vernet with Dasen, February 7, at 10 a.m., in Yzeure. For its part, the academic inspection, through the general secretary of DSDEN (**), Olivier Martin, wanted to point out that all cases are still in the study phase and that nothing is definitive. This Monday, a special social administration committee meets to discuss the outlines of the next school map. The latter should be revealed from February 14.

Academic Director of the National Education Services.

(**) Directorate of Ministerial National Education Services.

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