JEE Main Syllabus 2018 | JEE Main Exam Pattern/ Previous Papers PDF

JEE Main Syllabus 2018

The preparing ruler for the JEE Main Examination 2018 has predetermined the effectual JEE Main Syllabus 2018 by the Ministry of Human Resources Development so that will be able to crack world’s one of the upper level of toughest exam. The processing is going to connect on the official site to fill the form for those applicants who are the eligible person as if the superiority wants to catch utter proof by the satisfying documents and there is essential payment are required to fill accord the categories and it is different for girls & boys. Candidates, your exam is going to only depend on the questions of three of the subject which are Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM). As if, there are two papers which will be shown your performance and thus applicants need to pay attention to both terms like different no. of the question. Mode to exam, total marks, negative marking, timing to conduct exam and relaxation matter to give extra time and other thus we have set down the most practice thinkable points in the exam pattern.

The selection connection is also made the direct data preparation ways, therefore, we are adding a lot of efforts because various selective topics are made from both of standards (11th & 12th). So, look at the below and get whole info to start up the program of preparation to wisely solve questions and don’t misbehave while giving a response of right answers like many answers of one objective optional question, or unfilled option and ever more. If you are interested to apply this time then go ahead for other required info because also admit card effectual document for the entry is coming soon and aspirants have to download it from the official site and its link has shown on our page and also remember the foremost fast ways to catch admit card.

JEE Main Exam Pattern 2018 for Paper-I

  • Exam modes are going to hold in offline mode (paper pen based) or online mode (computer based).
  • Subjects are necessary to prepare for them and which are Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
  • of Questions- There are total 90 question are made to you to solve the question and where per subject is carrying 30 questions.
  • Physics- 120 marks, Chemistry- 120 marks, Mathematics- 120 marks.
  • Purely the exam duration will be 3 hours still relaxation for those users who have a disability (40%) thus timing is locked for them is 4 hours.
  • The medium of question paper has both of languages (English & Hindi).
  • 1/4Negative marking is available for each incorrect answer and wrong response for per answer is going to cut your scores and that is -1.

JEE Main Paper-II Exam Pattern 2018

  • Exam Mode- Online
  • Subjects- Mathematics, Aptitude Test, Drawing Test.
  • of Questions- Aptitude test will consist
  • Mathematics- 30 questions ( 120 marks)
  • Aptitude Test- 50 questions (200 marks)
  • Drawing- 2 question (70 marks)
  • Medium of Paper- Hindi & English
  • Negative Marking- Yes, and it is ¼ of the total score allotted to that question will deduct from the total marks.
  • Marking- Each right answer will catch 4 marks and 2 for drawing.

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JEE Main Syllabus 2018 for Physics, Chemistry, Maths

The completion is going to take a high flight to those master user want to crack one of the tops of the exam by covering all units of the 11th & 12th standard of science stream. It is true syllabus will be made on the basis both of classes still at this time we have to think to save this passing time at anyhow and it will possible solely by the sole focus on the main topic and thus we provide whole unmissed titles for per subjects (PCM) and then solve all in all upper level of question in addition to 11th or 12th notes and their numerical.

Physics Syllabus-

For Class 11th– Unit, Dimension, Measurement, Kinematic, Newtons Laws of motion, Circular motion, Work, Power, Energy, Momentum and collision, Centre of mass and inertia, Rotational dynamics, Elasticity, Calorimetry, Thermal expansion, Ktg and thermodynamics, Simple harmonic motion, Mechanical waves, Fluid Mechanics.

From Class 12th– Geometrical optics, Wave optics, Electrostatics, Gravitation,  Current Electricity, Capacitance, the Magnetic effect of current & magnetism, Electromagnetic induction & AC, Nuclear physics and radioactivity, Dual nature of matter and radiation, Electronic devices, Communication system, Errors in measurements & instruments.

Chemistry Syllabus-

From Class 11th– Periodic table and properties, Mole concept, Nomenclature of organic compounds, Chemical bonding,  Gaseous State, Electronic Displacement effect, Atomic structure, Isomerism, Redox and equivalent concepts, Chemical and iconic equilibrium, Chemical kinetics, Nuclear chemistry( radioactivity).

From Class 12th– Halogen derivative, Co-ordination compounds, Aliphatic hydrocarbon, Liquid solution & Surface chemistry, Metallurgy, Alcohol & Ether, Phenol, Solid State, Qualitative analysis, Carbonyl compounds, (s, p, d & f block) elements, Thermodynamics & Thermochemistry, Electrochemistry, Biomolecules, Polymers, Carboxylic acids & its derivative, Amines, Practical organic chemistry.

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Mathematics Syllabus-

From Class 11th– Logarithms and related expressions, Compound angles, Quadratic equations and expressions, Sequence and progression, Trigonometric (functions, equations, inequations), Solutions of triangle, Straight line and pair of lines, circles, Premutation and Combination, Binomial Theorem, Sets, Relations, Functions, Mathematical inductions and reasoning.

From Class 12th–  Statics, Complex number, (Ellipse, hyperbola, Parabola), Area under curve, Differential equation, Probability, 3-dimensional geometry, Vectors, Determinant & Matrices, Application of Derivatives, Definite Integral, Method of differentiation, Limit, Continuity, Derivability.

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JEE Mains Previous Papers PDF File

At times our smart helps more than hard thus so why should we miss this term to get successful nature of full preparation. These lines are utterly made to catch JEE Main Last Year Paper because these are also stand in the line practice thus official website is also has set up its PDF File and then users you can download it. Candidates, we are giving this report as if JEE Main Old Papers PDF File 2018 is assiduous matter and by using you can given a short sight to revise to cover altogether topics in your mind so don’t miss this effectual points in the last dates before exam and PDF File will adjust at the web page for each subjects and their topic wise attempted questions in previous time.

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