In order to raise awareness from a young age, schoolchildren in Trie learn to repair small household appliances

the important thing
A new major project is being implemented as part of Natural Science Learning and Moral and Civic Education.

This project applies to students of CM1, CM2 and 5th grade of the college, in partnership with the organic laboratory Lustar. The goal is to raise awareness among young people about repairs, but more than that, to teach them to master technical tools, work together using everyone's skills and act for the environment.

So LOL leaders visited schools in Trie on January 19. First, they presented the structure, the activities it offers and the digital tools available to everyone. Then, with the help of a quiz, they worked out the advantages of repairing items, especially small household appliances: “no waste, we see how the item works and we save money”. Mr. Laclergue adds “we appreciate the child with his qualities and his skills that differ from one to another, it is a recognition of knowledge. Everyone brings his stone to the construction, it also develops a sense of belonging to the schools thanks to this work with external partners.

This project is supported by LOL with the AFNIC Foundation on the impact of digital technology on the environment (repair and reuse of digital tools). Part of the AFNIC registry, which manages all Internet domain names ending in “.fr”, the AFNIC Foundation is an association that defends the values ​​of integrity, openness, professionalism and collective spirit to promote a “made in France” internet that benefits everyone.

After this first session, students will select household items for repair using a diagnostic sheet among small household appliances, as this allows them to approach the principles of electronics and mechanics. Then on February 27th he will bring them to study how to approach the important stages of repair, disassembly, repair and reassembly. The last phase of the project will be done in May with families during a “fix the café” evening where students, parents, teachers and LOL members will work together to repair broken items.

Mr Laclergue would like to thank Fablab LOL for their always relevant interventions, this project is part of a wider partnership under the project: “Pays de Trie Primary School in the Digital Age and 'Environment'”.

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