In La Ciotat, national education stakeholders want to “teach students aware of the principles of secularism”

A general assembly was recently held in the presence of Jean-Louis Tixier, deputy mayor responsible for education, and Sandrine Lévy, inspector of national education, constituency of La Ciotat. But what is the Department Delegate of National Education (DDEN)? These are volunteers appointed by the academy inspector in each district to ensure good living conditions for the children. They are friends of the public school and rightly have a seat on the school council.

They have existed for about 170 years and have always worked to build and preserve secular, free and compulsory education for all children. They have the role of mediator and coordinator between teachers, parents, the municipality and academic services. They perform the function of control, vigilance and suggestion.

That day, Jean-Louis Tixier addressed them to convey “the fraternal greetings of the mayor of La Ciotat and to thank them for their dedication and commitment to children and parents”. Sandrine Lévy said she was “delighted and honored to be here. We need to create connections, and you are the key. You bring active citizenship to life and I remain attentive to everyone.”

Jean-Charles Pirani, president of the Union of Departmental Delegates of National Education Bouches-du-Rhône (UDDEN 13), recalled in his moral report, paying tribute to the teachers who were victims of the attack, “the urgency to be able to make students aware of the principles and values ​​on which is based on the principle of secularism: freedom of conscience, separation of public institutions and religious organizations, equality of all before the law.

Presentation of the medal for young people

He also reminded of the need to be careful regarding the interventions of the state and local authorities in the field of education. “The DDEN will be very attentive to any attempt to territorialize, autonomous or privatize the School of the Republic.” The morning ended with the presentation of medals for youth, sports and the association to the department representatives of National Education, activists of the association.

After the Giant Book of Secularism, the game of Laïque'cité or the domino game of the symbol of the Republic, the French Republic card game has just been created and produced thanks to Jean-Charles Pirani. It is gradually being distributed to schools, there are already more than a hundred of them, and it is intended for children from CM1 with very simple rules. Discover and use without moderation!

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