In 2023, teacher morale has plummeted

From 2022, the Department for Prediction and Performance Evaluation (DEPP) has established a National Education Staff Wellbeing Barometer. This body responsible for monitoring policies run by the ministry published its second investigation last January. Discomfort, loss of professional meaning, despondency… According to this survey, teachers are on the verge of a nervous breakdown and have been doing so for several years.

Trade unions have been warning about these problems for several years. Working conditions, reform of production lines, rewards and career advancement… Nothing is going well in national education.
From the point of view of teachers, professors, and even school principals, the profession is falling apart, and with it the meaning attached to it.

To assess the state of wellbeing in national education, the DEPP surveyed almost 260,000 first and second level staff. The result is clear: the discomfort is permanent and greater than in other sectors of activity. Teachers are tired of repeated reforms. Loss of feeling for the profession, too little compensation, and as for promotion, they believe that they are largely forgotten in the civil service. Whether they work in the public sector or in private schools under contract, it's the same story.

Baccalaureate vocational courses Lamentin High School, Tuesday 13 June 2023.

In terms of workload, classroom teachers are the most affected. They rate their state of exhaustion as 7.2 out of 10.
This 2023 barometer confirms a trend already seen in 2022 and, according to employee unions, for several years. “The government does not understand the discomfort of teachers”, according to them, and the organized stressing of these staff is noticeable. The profession is becoming more complex, but it is losing its value.

From now on, a barometer of the well-being of national education staff should be conducted every 2 years. If the government does not heed the warnings issued by these personnel, it is certain that the days of mobilization and protests will multiply in this sector.

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