Gaillac. Louise Michel School fears class closures

the important thing
The decision will be made on Tuesday and Wednesday. Already last year, the school narrowly escaped. Parents misunderstand this threat.

Once again, the concern is palpable among parents and the teaching team at the Louise-Michel school. Like last year, there is a threat of class elimination. The Departmental Commission for National Education (CDEN) which decides on the school plan – often despite the opposition of several representatives (parents of students, Federteep, etc.) will act on it this Tuesday, February 6, and the prefect could confirm the next day. To date, the planned numbers at Louise-Michel would be 18 students in CP, 17 in CE1, 26 in CE2, 33 in CM1 and, for the youngest, 22 in the small department, 13 in the average and 21 in the large department. . Last year, the school narrowly avoided closing classes. She was “recruited” as Tessonières saw the deletion of the class confirmed. Today, Louise-Michel has 176 students in 8 classes, with 11 teachers (including part-time teachers). In case of closure, the teacher – the last one who came three years ago – would lose her job. “It's very popular with children,” says Cédric Bacieko, parent ambassador. Families and teachers are all the more worried because forecasts announce the arrival of 22 little ones at the beginning of the next school year. “The decision of the CDEN was made very early, and then the exemptions and the positive balance in the summer related to the relocations arrive,” emphasizes Yasmina, also a parent delegate. Another argument of the defenders of the position and keeping the class: 13 children go according to the personalized education plan (PPS), which is a form of recognition of disabilities, and 21 children are monitored by the educational team for school difficulties and behavior. “The school has a profile essentially identical to that of La Clavelle-Vendôme which will benefit from the opening of a class. Opening a class to close another in the same city, we can question this choice and its financial costs. Some schools are in the political district of the city (QPV), others don't. Some have a slightly higher Index of Social Performance (IPS) than others. This is the case of Louise-Michel, which means that it is now at risk, while teachers clashed with students I know very well that the difficulties are equal,” he adds Benoît Sébille, FO staff delegate. “Teachers expect minimal recognition. Instead, they have the right to mistrust, to instructions that have no connection to the reality on the ground or the interests of the children.”

Parents and teachers await the prefecture's decision on Wednesday. But optimism is hardly appropriate for Louise Michel.

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