French education abroad is now possible outside French secondary schools

Choosing a school for your children when you are an expat is often a real dilemma. Cost coverage, geographical proximity, choice of bilingualism, prestige of certain institutions, discovery of different pedagogies… many parameters then come into play. Many of you lose Latin… or even French!

When asked, 41% of you choose a local school or non-French curriculum for your children.
An expat is often synonymous with discoveries and new experiences for all family members.

But what about when you return to France? Or when your children have to choose their major after graduation? Some people simply give up on the French system because after a few years of expatriation in the local or English-speaking system, their children have completely lost touch with French education.

With you in mind, LyFEL has built its French schooling plugin to provide your children with a dual education from CP to Baccalaureate.

The operation is simple: regardless of your child's grade, LyFEL, the French online high school, skilfully completes their curriculum, without creating unnecessary duplicates, in accordance with the French national education programs
LyFEL thus enriches education with a French program, from CP to baccalaureate.

In practice, LyFEL students follow additional courses after the school day. Video conference schedules adapt to their schedule and respect their biological rhythm.
LyFEL functions like a school: classes, class teachers who meet several times a week on videoconferences, principal, teachers, notebooks, parent meetings, etc.

Students benefit from excellent teaching conditions in very small groups and under the supervision of experienced, passionate and certified or qualified teachers from the French National Education.

LyFEL thus enables French students abroad to return to school in France, without interruption and with all the documents necessary to return without difficulty.
This double education logically leads to a double degree with a DNB or a baccalaureate, and gives your children access to a greater choice of selective higher education in France, Europe and around the world.

What better way to stand out on national and international career platforms than with a double degree at the end of high school?

However, LyFEL is not satisfied with simple online education and goes beyond offering for your families:

LyFEL supports your children's learning by teaching them to learn from an early age, supporting their individual learning thanks to our personalized support several times a week. LyFEL also includes exam review courses for its students, a high school or college career guidance forum, and offers a rich range of cultural and extracurricular activities to reinforce the meaning of learning.

Studying at LyFEL therefore means meeting colleagues from all over the world, forming strong friendships and benefiting from a solid education as well as an extraordinary cultural openness thanks to webinars and cultural events organized throughout the year, after all, it is also about joining international alumni networks.

LyFEL is therefore the solution that many families have been waiting for!

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