Flavignac school parents put the class up for sale on Leboncoin

In Flavignac, where the school hosts 4 of the 6 classes of RPI Flavignac-Lavignac-Les Cars, the time has come for a general mobilization. Distribution of leaflets, internet petitions, demonstrations, parents are doing their best not to lose their teaching position in the next school year. To attract attention, they even put the class up for sale on Leboncoin. “A class full of equipment as the RPI town halls are investing in schools in Flavignac and Les Cars. A class that will be useless if it closes so why not sell it there. You have to contact the Academic Inspection for the price” jokes Caroline Congnard, parent representative.

“All municipalities need schools to live”

An initiative that was supported by the residents of this town of slightly more than a thousand inhabitants. Baker Fabrice Desbordes does not hesitate to ask his customers. “We make sure that everyone forwards the QR code on their mobile phone in order to sign the petition. So everyone is fighting, and the rectorate gives up a little and tells itself that all municipalities need schools to live.” believes this man related to Flavignac where he was born above the family business. Marie-Catherine, one of her clients, agrees. Having been at the Flavignac school as well as her children, and soon her grandchildren, she opposes the abolition of that position.

Gathering in front of the Flavignac school on Saturday at 10 am.

“We have two dynamic municipalities with Les Cars and Flavignac. And that dynamic is, first of all, the school. The two municipalities made an effort to unite in order to provide children with a quality life. It's a shame that today we only think about an administrative figure,” believes this local, for whom 5 fewer children in the next school year does not justify such a decision. A view shared by Caroline Congnard: “There are places in urban areas with 12 children per class at key levels. Why shouldn't children in rural areas also be entitled to good learning conditions?” – he asks before arranging a meeting this Saturday morning at 10 o'clock in front of the Flavignac school.

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