EMC program projects: SUD education condemns reactionary offensive and restriction of educational freedom

SUD Education took note of the draft programs proposed by the High Program Council and published on the ministry's website.

The procedure is strange and disrespectful to trade unions: this document should have been the result of previous discussions within the High Programs Council before being drafted.

The general structure takes over the main features of the previous programs, and especially around the four axes, which are the culture of sensitivity, the culture of rule and law, the culture of judgment and the culture of commitment.

From our point of view, the development is generally negative. On the one hand, the framing is very excessive compared to previous programs. The elements of the program are too detailed, which reduces pedagogical freedom. Several texts (whose availability is questionable) are imposed from CM1 onwards, while until now the choice of media was free.

Furthermore, the reactionary offensive of the government and the Ministry of National Education is of course reflected in the programs. The emphasis placed on the early learning of the Marseillaise, by young students who will not understand its meaning, corresponds to a patriotic and nationalistic approach to teaching, far from the development of critical thinking. This is once again a desire to flatter the most reactionary fringe of public opinion. A tendency towards democracy is not developed through lectures, and SUD education denounces the logic of vertical teaching of republican values, without any critical perspective.

Emphasis placed on issues of discrimination or issues of environmental protection is not sufficient for the ministry's copy to be acceptable. SUD Education will strongly oppose these proposed programs and will amend the EMC programs in the High Council of Education to restore to teachers their educational freedom and repeal the most reactionary provisions.

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