Eliminations from classes in Cantal, decisions that will “probably demotivate” the mayors

While Cantal has to restore 13 teaching positions at the beginning of the next school year, the president of the mayors' association of the department, Christian Montin, warns of the consequences.

After having for a long time protected positions in the department thanks to its agreement signed with National Education, the Association of French Mayors in Cantal can only notice heavy losses in the last two years.

Originally signed for a period of three years, from 2014 to 2016, it committed the rectorate to the neutralization of teaching positions in Cantal with a “lack of withdrawal of jobs”. The first three-year amendment (2017-2019) limits job losses to no more than five per year, and the second (2020-2022) limits job losses to three per year. The result: nine positions were eliminated in nine years.

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Christian Montin (in the photo), president of AMF Cantal, today “regrets very much” about this agreement, which the state did not renew in 2023. “The loss of 23 positions in two years has serious consequences. » Above all, he is worried that the punctures will continue in the future. “The school fabric risks being affected, the network of territories more distant and educational conditions necessarily degraded. »

An important element for attractiveness

He defends that “arithmetic logic does not make sense” in Cantal and would prefer the school plan to focus on other elements, such as “the time it takes for a child to go to school and under what conditions”. For him, these decisions have a significant impact on the attractiveness of the municipality: “Moving schools too far from the municipality is a condemnation of the territory.” »

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So for a mayor who sees class disappearing, it's hard to stay motivated.

This calls into question the motivation for doing work for the school and calls into question the meaning of municipal action. It is complicated to continue to give our time if quality education has been taken away from us. These are decisions that will probably demotivate some

In order not to suffer these job cuts year after year, the AMF started work on drafting a proposal for territorial coverage and a school map, recommending the assembly of schools in certain places, defending others that are more isolated elsewhere. “But time is running out,” insists Christian Montin. Because the number of teachers decreases with each school year.

Mathieu Brosseau

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