Education: Large crowds at Jeanne-d'Arc Middle and High School Career Day

The event has existed for at least four decades, but it has not lost its appeal. Exactly the opposite. Yesterday, the career day organized by the private educational institution Jeanne-d'Arc in Bastia was another great success. An event through which students, from 3rd to 12th grade, had the opportunity to come into contact with as many as a hundred experts, training organizations and representatives of university sectors from all walks of life. “We try to promote not only occupations, but also the training that allows access to them,” explains Joseph Massei, head of the institution. Orientation is the mission of education, in the same way as the transfer of knowledge.”

In the theater room, the organizers gathered most of the schools and training organizations. Prestigious institutions, often represented by former students of Jeanne-d'Arc, exhibited their kakemono there. Come accompany your two boys – 3rd and 2nd year students – √Člodie listens to them talk at the booth of the engineering school located in Paris and Lyon. “They are both interested in engineering schools, but they are also doubtful, especially because these courses touch on very diverse areas: living beings, robotics, artificial intelligence, mechanics… she confides. From Parcoursup, from the second grade, we ask the children to they choose, and I think that's a bit of a shame. Because, at that age, it's very difficult to know what you want to do.”

Alexandre is in his final year, specializing in science. He, too, is interested in engineering schools, but he also stopped by a company active in the field of cyber security. A sector for which he has a certain curiosity. “These are the occupations of the future where there will probably be a lot of jobs,” he explains. “Even if I'm not very good at IT, I find it fascinating.”

The beginning – who knows? – an unexpected title.

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