Education. High School Level Groups: DIY for Mancha Unions

By Corinne Gallier
Posted on February 3, 24 at 7:06 p.m.

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Postponed for the first time, the committee (CCA-SD) to prepare for the school year 2024-25. at the faculties met in the afternoon of this Friday, February 2, 2024 in Saint-Lô (Manche).

Coincidentally, that very morning the elected officials of the departmental council were discussing the future of public colleges.

“Additional resources we don't have”

“This meeting with the academic leadership allowed us to get confirmation that the overall framework of funds already allocated by the rectorate is not moving,” explains Pascal Roger, secretary of the SNES-FSU department, the majority union.

Good news? Not so much, because from the next school year, mathematics and French will be applied in class groups in the 6th and 5th grades. However, “this organization that Gabriel Attal wanted while he was still the Minister of National Education requires additional funds that we do not have”.

“The difficulties will be enormous”

In addition to this “management” problem, the SNES-FSU representative notes that the profession unanimously rejects these level groups “for philosophical and principled reasons.”

Apart from the stigmatization of weak students, we know that this does not work. Therefore, we will face a system that is imposed on us vertically, in which no one believes and which we know is ineffective. Hence our concern and our anger.

Pascal Roger, secretary of the SNES-FSU department

This Friday in Saint-Lô, the unions raised specific questions about the implementation. “We discussed the method, but we clearly see that not everything regarding practical application has been thought through. The difficulty will be huge, it's a lot of DIY! »

Efforts “questioned”

These levels will be partly funded by the abolition of the technology lesson in the 6th grade and taken from the margin of institutional autonomy, that is, the hours additionally allocated to each grade for electives (Latin, duplication in science or languages), “which still works quite well”.

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“In short, all the efforts of the past twenty years are called into question in relation to the most vulnerable children and those who should be included. Furthermore, we are currently preparing for the beginning of the school year with political announcements, but not with regulatory texts. We know it's coming, but at the moment we don't have all the elements,” laments the secretary of the SNES-FSU department.

Other topics such as repetition and patent reform were discussed this Friday.

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