Department delegates evaluate schools in the sector

Delegates of the Department of National Education (DDEN) are partners of the schools. Do they sit in school councils, visit institutions and worry about the living conditions of children in and out of school? They look at security, the condition of the space, work, staff, catering, extracurricular activities, secularity, etc. But their role does not concern pedagogy and the work of teachers.

Stable or declining numbers

Under the chairmanship of Laurent Gonnord, the DDENs of the canton of Prahecq met in Prahecq on Thursday, February 1, 2024. All communes were represented, except the commune of Vouillé. The delegates assessed the numbers in schools which are stable or even decreasing in some schools such as Brûlain, Marigny, Fors, Prahecq. An inflection that makes it uncertain whether to keep the number of hours for the next school year or the one after that. Please note that Prahecq Primary School has switched its school restaurant to self-service, to everyone's satisfaction.

With the exception of Marigny, which switched to four school days per week (no Wednesday morning classes), all other schools continued the school rhythm of 4.5 days, allowing for five consecutive morning hours of academic learning.

Popular faucets

In addition to Prahecq, the municipalities have introduced extra-curricular activities time (Tap) which allows children to discover artistic, craft, sports and cultural activities through practice. Depending on the municipality, these touches can take place at the end of the day, at the very beginning of the afternoon or even at the end of Wednesday morning. The municipality of Fors thus established a number of activities that are carried out in shifts.

Established thanks to municipal agents or external stakeholders, these faucets have a cost to the municipalities despite the participation of the state, which amounts to €50 per year per child. This assistance could be questioned and lead municipalities to include families or to reconsider all or part of these TAPs.

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