Current Affairs 7 November 2023

The day of 7th November 2023 witnessed several important developments in India and around the world. From major appointments to sports achievements, and discoveries to climate change reports – the day marked many notable headlines.

Here are the key current affairs for 7th November 2023:

Hiralal Samariya was appointed as the new Chief Information Commissioner of India. He took oath as CIC from President Draupadi Murmu.

The Indian women’s hockey team won the Women’s Asian Champions Trophy 2023 by defeating Japan 4-0 in the final in Rachi, Jharkhand. This is India’s second Women’s Asian Champions Trophy title after 2016.

National Cancer Awareness Day is observed annually on 7th November in India to raise awareness about cancer prevention and treatment. The day honours Marie Curie.

Indian chess player R Vaishali became the first Indian woman to win the FIDE Women’s Grand Swiss Chess Tournament 2023.

Russia successfully test fired the Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile from the nuclear submarine Imperator Alexander III. The missile can carry 6 nuclear warheads.

Kerala topped the State Food Safety Index 2022-23 among large states, followed by Punjab and Tamil Nadu. The index evaluates states on food safety parameters.

The ‘Punden Berundak’ pyramid discovered in Indonesia could be the world’s oldest pyramid, dated to over 16,000 years old. It predates the Egyptian pyramids.

Chanakya Defence Dialogue 2023 was held recently in New Delhi with the theme of India-Pacific security cooperation.

Sri Lankan cricketer Angelo Mathews became the first player to be given a ‘time out’ in ODI cricket for not being ready to face a delivery on time.

UNEP’s Adaptation Gap Report 2023 highlighted the large gap between climate adaptation needs and finance availability in developing nations.

In summary, the 7th of November 2023 saw significant appointments like India’s new Chief Information Commissioner, sporting victories for India in hockey and chess, and crucial findings regarding climate adaptation gaps and ancient archaeological sites. These current affairs events impacted diverse fields and highlighted India’s contributions across spheres. With new CIC Hiralal Samariya, India reaffirmed its transparency commitments. The women hockey team’s inspiring win demonstrated the rising stature of Indian sports. Meanwhile, urgent climate adaptation needs and excavations like Indonesia’s ancient pyramid indicated the challenges and breakthroughs on the global front.

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