Corsican teachers' unions half-convinced by the appointment of Nicole Belloubet to the Ministry of National Education

28 days after the first firing, Attal's government is now in place. A reconstruction long overdue for little change, except for the expected replacement of Amélie Oudéa-Castér in education. The appointment of former Minister of Justice Nicole Belloubet to that position was less expected. What do the trade unions in Corsica say about this? Answer elements.

Amélie Oudéa-Castéra has just lost her position as Minister of National Education to Nicole Belloubet. Half relief for many teachers unions.

“We can't have worse, because there were mistakes after mistakes, they were lies, there was denigration of public schools in favor of private schools. We know that Nicole Belloubet knows the house since she is a former rector. She was already in direct contact with the field. What worries us now, since 2017, is the policy being conducted in national education, that is, the breakdown,” Fabien Mineo, regional delegate of the FSU, assesses.

The social breakdown that is also feared by the Corsican labor union, for which the appointment of Nicole Belloubet is only half good news. “It is a plus that he is from home, he has experience in National Education. When dealing with issues, she should normally be in command of her subjects, contrary to what we've seen in recent weeks. The downside is that we have all seen the Macron government, we have seen how many times 49.3 has been used. We, the trade unions, are not sure that the government will be able to reverse the policy it has set out, especially through the implementation of knowledge conflicts,” said Jeanne Julien, STC's delegate for education.

For many teachers' unions like the CGT, public schools must remain a social elevator. “The goal is to fight social failure, but this social failure has consequences at the academic level. This means reducing class sizes, giving teachers the means to work, and at the same time hiring teachers is crucial. If we want to hire teachers at a high level, we have to pay them properly,” explains Charles Casabianca, academic manager of CGT Educ'Action.

Die is cast. Nicole Belloubet's mission will not be easy.

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