Class closure: Parents of Naves students still want to believe it

A dozen parents of Naves school students protested loudly in Tulle this Monday at 2 pm in front of the administration tower protesting against the plan to close classes and while Dasen de la Corr├Ęze presented the new school plan to the unions.

On the square in front of the Tulla administrative tower this Monday, at the beginning of the afternoon, a dozen parents of Naves students banged on pots and pans for a long time in the hope that they would be heard. He was heard by the academic director of the National Education Services (Dasen) who gathered the various unions at 2 pm to present the new school map for 2024-2025.
Only ten parents of students are among those who managed to free themselves from work. But an online petition the association has put up since the announcement of this possible class closure now has more than 600 signatures of support.

Parents of students protested in Naves because of the possible closing of classes

A little hope

Enormous support, but which has little chance of being taken into account: “The problem is that national education only sees numbers, not people or situations,” laments a father whose children study in Naves.
The same regret is expressed by Michel Merckx, the deputy mayor of Naves in charge of school affairs. And even if he recognizes that the numbers are decreasing: “It turns out that in Naves school there are more than ten children with disabilities, then AVS and with a smaller number of classes, it will obviously be more difficult for everyone. There is no point in talking to us about inclusion in these conditions, and what as for numbers, they are cyclical in our municipality.
A situation that parents and elected officials would like to see “take more care of”.
Arnaud Besnard

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