Castanet-Tolosan. “Mathematics on stage” is looking for its own space

the important thing
The association Castanet “Les Maths en Scène”, founded in 2016, is looking for space.

Since its foundation, the association has stood out and gained national recognition. It gets the approval of youth and sports. To continue working in the mathematical and digital field, associations need space.

Driven by the desire to promote the image of mathematics in the general public, “Les Maths en Scène” brings together mathematics enthusiasts, researchers and students around different initiatives. Association President Houria Lafrance: “Mathematics is ubiquitous in our daily lives, be it in art, cooking, music and many other areas.” Hence their slogan: Mathematics where you least expect it.

In 2020, the Société Mathématique de France awarded the prestigious Prize d'Alembert to the festival “Mathematics in all their countries” organized by the association. This annual event in Castanet gathers a large crowd. This award shows the commitment and importance of the association in promoting mathematics in attractive forms.

Annual festival

The association is also present in primary and secondary schools. Every year “Les Maths en Scène” organizes a festival in Castanet that highlights the diversity and richness of mathematics, arousing the interest and curiosity of students. We'll come back to this.

Currently, the association is looking for a space that will allow the audience to attend programming and robotics workshops and store borrowed equipment for math games and other educational resources. This place will also serve as a gathering place for members of the association and those who want to explore the mysteries of mathematics and digital technology. “Les Maths en Scène” invites the local community and interested partners to join their project by providing a space that will help spread the passion for mathematics and digital technology.

For all information or suggestions, contact the association “Les Maths en Scène” at tel [email protected] or at

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