Career in Government Sector in India – Job Opportunities in Govt. Sector

Career in Government Sector in India

Career in Government Sector in India

The government sector is a part of the public so it is also called as the public sector. In India, there are mainly two sectors according to Indian Constitution that is Government Sector (Public sector) and the Private sector they both run together in the economy of India. Career in Government Sector in India feels very bright as it run by the government so it has many good aspects only not a bad one. Government Sector in India is a major supporting part of the economy as it supports the public and government run this sector only for the welfare of the public their main motive was to provide service to the people easily. And Indian Economy needs the help of government always because India is a Developing Country, not a Developed one.

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Government Sector as a main part of Indian Economy as it helps the economy in many ways such as by providing services to the people on minimum wages, by providing them fewer taxes on the goods and services, by providing jobs to all sectors to whom who needed more and giving them good wages they  trying to reduce the unemployment as more and more people are employed and  India developed more and people get more and more jobs by this  poverty also started declining and India started going to the path of becoming a developed country.

Government sector plays a role of the backbone of the country as many of the functions are run through it. It holds several of work or programs such as-

  • Railways
  • Banks
  • Post office services
  • Industries
  • Agricultural Activities
  • Foreign Exchange Work
  • Publishing Currency
  • Maintaining Monetary System of the Economy
  • Maintaining Equality
  • Reducing Poverty
  • Providing services on Minimum price
  • Maintain Relationship with other Countries

This are some of the work that Government of India do for the people and all this are part of Government Sector work main functions of Government Sector are-

  • Providing jobs to people of all sector mainly to the poor sector as it will help in reducing the poverty.
  • Government sector provides a Security to the people for their career people think more secure future in Government Sector as the jobs are secured and permanent as a lifelong.
  • Government sector also provides good wages/salary for the work it will help in reducing the poverty from the India as India is a Developing Country it needs more and more money for their Development of people have much monetary it will help in declining poverty and going to the path of the developed country.
  • Government sector also provides many other services such as giving wages after retirement also it provides wages as long time according to person work in the sector.
  • Government Sector is more beneficial compared to the private sector as jobs are not permanent in private sector people do not feel secure while doing the job they always surrounded with the fear of losing their job and wages. The private sector does not provide wages for a long time even after the retirement of the person as Government sector do.
  • Government Sector runs with maintaining balance and equality in all the sectors of Economy in India by providing equal job to the each cast and religion people. There is no discrimination among poor and rich people or on the basis of caste, religion, sex, colour etc.

Government sector does work mainly for the welfare of people so it is very good if the person is working in Government sector as the work hours were less and wages are very good according to it. In Private Sector there are opposite condition work hours more and wages are less so it is more beneficial to work in Government sector. Nowadays there are 5 fields are very good in Government Sector for job that is-

  • NTPC stands for (National Thermal Power Corporation)
  • IAS stands for (India Administrative Services)
  • Public Sector Banks
  • IFS stands for (Indian Foreign Services)
  • Professors and Teachers

These are some of the options in Government job mentioned above which are very popular in Government Sector.

Job Opportunities in Govt. Sector

In Government Sector there is the very good scope of jobs as it works mainly for the welfare of people. Government organise many programs for the people to providing jobs to them and it’s set the fixed percent of jobs for all the sectors in the economy. As the ratio of jobs are fixed many people try to get the job and Government provide mainly to whom who is needier as they need the job more.

Opportunities that government give to the people that are-

Government organise many programs for providing jobs such as by organizing job fairs and opening many jobs providing offices in many cities. But according to the population of India number of people are more and a number of jobs are less this creates difficulty in providing jobs. So there is very big competition among people for jobs. Students have to clear many exams for getting the job there is very hard checking in exams and people get a job by many difficulties in Government Sector.

The government also do many programs related to the job if people are started participating in them it is very good opportunity for getting a job. And there is more chance for the poor sector of the economy as their chance of getting jobs are more and they have a very good opportunity in working in Government sector according to the private sector.

Government sector provides a bright career and also give many opportunities to people to all sector as they run the economy in a stable manner. Some of the sector in which Government provide jobs are-

  • Defence
  • Military
  • Police
  • Fire services
  • Jobs for Economic and International Development
  • Human Resource Services
  • Jobs in IT sectors
  • Research
  • Health Care
  • Basic requirement for education of poor children

Latest government Jobs

Eligibility Criteria

In Government Sector eligibility criteria are differentiated as according to the job. As the person is willing to job in the bank as an Accountant so he/she must have a graduation degree. If someone wants to work in a hospital as a doctor or nurse they should have their MBBS degree for doing. There are different jobs according to the different study.

Government Sector Wages/Pay Scale-

According to the job, Government pays different wages in different jobs. The main average of wages in Government jobs are around (18,000-2, 50,000) and much more depends upon the job.

  • Benefits of Government Employees are-
  • Health Insurance Programs/many schemes are introduced
  • Leaves and Holidays
  • Recruitment Bonus
  • Pension funds
  • Awards and Incentives
  • Valuable work Experience
  • Social Security for government employees
  • Long term care insurance program
  • Thrifts saving plans
  • No working on Government Holidays

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