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AFCAT Syllabus 2018

Can you differentiate between the common terms like AFCAT Syllabus 2018 and Exam Pattern (if currently enrolled in AFCAT 01/2018)? Well, there’s a different (if not a “Fine Line”) between both terms. Speaking of “Syllabi” or Syllabus, we discover that it is about the things we learn so that we could use them in the exam as a knowledge source, AFCAT Exam Pattern 2018, on the other hand, tells a student how he is supposed to use that knowledge in the test. Speaking friendly, we can say the Exam Pattern is all about the style and methodologies. E.g.: you will be required to complete the test in the said/given time duration and you are instructed how many questions are compulsory to attempt and how you will be getting upper hands over others by being the best candidate you could be in the IAF AFCAT 01/2018 Exam. The exam pattern is being deliberated as we have begun a thread on the same topic so keep the registered students informed about all ins and outs of this exam.

Indian Air Force (also shortened as IAF), being the “Air Arm” of India, has always been protecting the country ever since it was formed. It is the part of Indian Armed Forces as well and headquartered in New Delhi. The IAF is currently having more than 140,139 personnel working in various department with passion and they are all satisfied with the work and awesome facilities offered by IAF to them. The IAF was established on 8th October 1932 (yes, it has been 85 years since its formation). It means, it has been working nicely even before India got independent.

What is AFCAT?

Really? I mean you already know what AFCAT is, don’t you? How? This is because you would have read the advertisement and come to know what it is all about and the decided to enrol in it.

In Addition to your knowledge, AFCAT is an exam conducted by AIF i.e. Indian Air Force and through the assessment (tests), right-fit aspirants are hired for various posts of Officers. This recruitment is done in all branches (leaving the Dental and Medical departments). It hires for the following branches:

  1. Technical Branch (TB)
  2. Ground Duty (GD)
  3. Flying Branch (FB)

AFCAT Syllabus 2018: A Zero-to-Hero Guide You Need

Yes, there is no disbelief in it that this is a Zero-to-Hero editorial for the applicants (whether newbie or experienced). All your uncertainties will automatically turn into “Beliefs” and you will start to have faith in what we do more than you have been doing so far.

Reading study material from this page is like having found the “Diamond” that is so precious. There’s a FAQ page on the official portal that can help you resolve all of the doubts that you might be having about question paper.

Read FAQs Here

It is crucial to understand the ins and outs of the test structure and grab a chance to score good marks in AFCAT 2018. From total four subjects, the question paper is prepared and they are as follows:

  • General Awareness
  • Verbal Ability in English
  • Numerical Ability
  • Reasoning and Military Aptitude

This is just a brief introduction to subjects where the questions shall be asked in the question paper from. The detailed overview is available for download in the comment segment.

IAF AFCAT 01/2018 Exam Pattern 2018: Complete Structure

Knowing detailed structure of the test is an essential way to be familiar with the exam and being acquainted with it can boost your confidence level and help you get ready for it as well.

  • Total 100 questions are asked in the test.
  • Each question has 3 marks in it.
  • Every wrong answer takes 1 mark away i.e. there is negative marking in AFCAT 2018 exam.
  • Total time duration allotted to the students is 2 hours (120 minutes).
  • No mark is awarded if no question is attempted by you.

People who achieve success in the AFCAT will be eligible to take Testing round that shall be hosted by AFSBs at different places like Varanasi, Mysore, Dehradun and Gandhinagar.

Every year, immense numbers of attentive job-seekers apply for the AFCAT in hope that they will be selected in the above-mentioned branches. Though a large number of people pass the test, only a few become Toppers i.e. it only happens once in the blue moon.

Therefore, we went and met those toppers and asked them to share the story behind their success. Experiencing all of this, we discovered the following:

IAF AFCAT 01/2018 Syllabus 2017: Top 5 Tips by Toppers

Tip #1: To utilise this tip, what you need to do is skip the particular question if you find it tough, confusing, doubtful so that you can attend it later.

Tip #2: Speed matters! You have to possess good a calculative ability to score good marks by not skipping any question. Though the questions asked in the AFCAT are not that hard as compared to that of other modest exams like NDA, CDS, etc. Be good at calculations i.e. Maths.

Tip #3: Hey! Be Careful, NEGATIVE MARKING! Yes, this is true that if you wrongly attempt any question, it will leave you with a minus point i.e. 1 mark shall be deducted. So, it is good to be purely sure before you attempt any question as wrong move can get you in trouble.

Tip #4: Your keep attention is needed to solve the Verbal and Non-verbal problems because it may be easy for you to crack the Verbal problems, but it may be difficult for you to crack the Non-verbal ones. Therefore, you need to be good at solving Non-verbal and Verbal problems.

Tip #5: GK has been the weaker part of the candidates while preparing for AFCAT. But, they can resolve the problem by focusing on Current Affairs.

Final Words on AFCAT Syllabus 2018

So, this was a thorough article distributed by the professional team working at RI. Hope you have found everything you were looking for AFCAT Syllabus 2018, but if you didn’t, please talk to our experts and get the satisfaction you are looking for. Check out the links below for an in-depth information.

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