a platform that changes the rules of education with Generis Capital and Bpifrance

The digital education sector reaches a new dimension with the announcement of significant funding for Edifice. The educational platform, already known for its educational innovation, has just completed an impressive funding round of 10 million euros.

The strategic partnership with Generis Capital, Bpifrance and Impact Partners marks a decisive milestone, pushing Édifice to the forefront of the international scene and confirming its position as a leader in educational innovation. Your child could be the next to benefit from the learning experiences revolutionized by Édifice solutions.

€10 million fundraising round to reinvent education

Édifice, already known for its innovative educational platform, recently closed a €10 million Edifice financing. This ambitious financing, backed by Generis Capital, Bpifrance and Impact Partners, aims to launch the company into a new era of educational growth. This fundraising is a tangible proof of investors' confidence in the potential of Edifice's educational platform and its ability to redefine the standards of digital education.

With this strategic partnership, Édifice is preparing to extend its influence far beyond French borders. The emphasis will be on constant improvement of the offer and international expansion, especially in Latin America and Europe. The mission to revolutionize education through digital technology finds new momentum here, thanks to investment that reflects the growing importance of educational innovation.

Improvement and expansion of educational digital services

The Édifice platform, with its ONE solutions for primary schools and NEO for secondary schools, is determined to improve its digital services to offer an even higher quality of education. User experience is at the heart of this approach, with the goal of making learning interesting and effective. This development project is based on a solid base: 11 million users who have already won Édifice solutions.

International expansion is an integral part of Edifice's plans. Building on its success in France, the company now intends to export its educational know-how. With an established presence in 20 countries and 30,000 students abroad, Édifice proves that its vision of education has a universal scope and that it is ready to cross new boundaries.

Ambitious goals to conquer new horizons

Édifica's development strategy is clear: increase user growth by attacking untapped market shares. The digital education market is booming and Édifice intends to play a leading role in it. The company plans to increase its presence in both pioneering digital institutions and those still on the edge of the digital revolution.

As a technology leader, Édifice demonstrates technological leadership by constantly adapting its services to the needs of educational institutions. The company positions itself not only as a solution provider, but also as an active partner in the evolution of teaching and learning methods.

Major investors for a large-scale educational mission

Édifice's educational mission benefits from the renewed support of Impact Partners and the arrival of Generis Capital and Bpifrance. These financial players are convinced by the vision of cooperation and the social impact of the solutions proposed by Édifice. In this investment, they see an opportunity to contribute to innovative education accessible to all.

This fundraising highlights the ambition of Édifice and its investors to consolidate the digital education sector. In this partnership, they see the possibility of accelerating the consolidation of the sector, in a context where online learning is becoming a big problem. Together, they are committed to building a future where educational technology enables every student to reach their full potential.

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