28 minutes – Club: poor housing, Gaza, agricultural crisis, national education (2/2/2024)

This Friday, historian Pascal Blanchard, director of the think tank Destin commune Laurence de Nervaux, essayist, doctor of philosophy and geopolitician Jean-Loup Bonnamy, as well as cartoonist Thibaut Soulcié return to the news of the week.

They will be joined by actress and boxer Julie Duval. He performs the unique, “The smell of war”, in the Parisian Scala: “it's a mixture of sweat and camphor, and you can only find this smell in a boxing gym”. Between catharsis, anger and frustration, she combines her two passions, theater and boxing, for the second time in the series, after the first show, “Aux fists”, in 2021.

Review of two news of the week:

Housing, a social time bomb? This is a “black year for bad housing”. Seventy years after the appeal of the famous French priest Abbé Pierre, the report of his eponymous foundation for 2024 reports 330,000 homeless people, and 4.2 million people who are poorly housed or have no personal accommodation. Alarming figures at a time when Prime Minister Gabriel Attal announced that he wants to “support” the world of social housing, while he wants to “make it develop” – especially by adding to the SRU law, setting quotas for social housing in certain municipalities, a share available to the middle class. After the agricultural crisis, are we witnessing the beginning of the government's next explosive issue?

Agricultural crisis in France: Ukraine to blame? “European workers loved the Polish plumber, our peasants will love their Ukrainian farmers.” Former State Secretary for European Affairs Pierre Lellouche was ironic on Thursday, February 1, in the newspaper “Le Figaro”. In recent days, there have been more and more criticisms of Ukraine, allegedly responsible for the poor condition of French farmers. The reason: exemption from customs tariffs for Ukrainian agricultural products, a consequence of the Russian invasion, causing distortion of market competition with other countries of the European Union. Should Ukrainian imports be blocked?

In his duel of the week, Frédéric Says pits Sophie Vénétitay, general secretary of the FSU, the majority national education union, against his new minister, Amélie Oudéa-Castér. The latter faced the first strike, on Thursday 1 February, before declaring a “sporting” start to his tenure. Can he stand up to the teachers?

“You work like dogs to feed the world.” Les Bodin's, Karine Le Marchand, Sara Forestier: several public figures publicly express their support for farmers. This is the “dot com” of Alix Van Pée.

Accused of injuring three neo-Nazis in Budapest, Ilaria Salis, an Italian language teacher in Milan and an anti-fascist activist, was imprisoned in Hungary for almost a year in a prison under strict supervision. Handcuffed, chained: she appeared on Monday, held by a police officer, on the first day of her trial. This is the story of the week from Claude Askolovitch.

Our “international front page” is that of the famous American daily “New York Times”, with the headline: “The war that the world does not see”. Every day, Gaza sinks deeper into the humanitarian crisis, while the threat of not receiving any more aid threatens. With Israel accusing certain UNRWA employees of involvement in the October 7 attack, seventeen donor countries, including the United States, have suspended their aid to the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees.

Finally find the photos of the week carefully selected by our club members and “Continental Drift” by Benoît Forgeard.

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